Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 15- The Morning After!

Previously On RHOBH, the women went to go see Erika perform but she had some minor mic issues while Denise headed to Miami for filming. At the same time, Camille was prepping for her Hawaiian wedding and went to see LVP to deliver a personalized invitation, politely declined. We ended with the latter taking a lie detector test and this week, we finally have the results.

All of the questions have been sent to the tester of the polygraph so LVP is ready and raring to go. The tester says if she is lying, he will be able to detect that but if she knows the questions in advance, she can prep herself so this just seems ridiculous. This is a waste of my time and the polygraph people with the exception that they get publicity. LVP says she can be tested again as she was nervous the first time but he tells her she passed with flying colors. Kyle is talking to her daughter, Sophia about how far it is to go for a wedding (they are traveling to Hawaii) but she is a good friend. She jokes about how far she and Camille have come since season one so going far only makes sense in this situation. Kyle was nervous her bridesmaids dress would not arrive on time and when it did come, it was too tight so she had to have it altered at the last minute and it still barely fits. All of the ladies are packing but Rinna is starting to feel sick but she’s a trooper and has her bag of pills so we know she will be fine. The only ones bringing husbands are Kyle and Teddi, who is actually surprised she was even invited after going camping. They did not get along so well but hey, props to her for showing up. On the bus to their hotel, the ladies fill Teddi’s husband, Edwin in on the Camille prostate sex talk and he just cannot help but laugh.

Rinna shares she and husband, Harry Hamlin have been married for so long, they do not have a co-dependency, which is actually great, if it is true. The hotel view is beautiful so when Rinna says there is no way you can be unhappy in Hawaii, she is so right. Mauricio is asking Kyle about Camille and where she is located and we flash to Kyle and Teddi getting their nails done and Teddi knowing the whole itinerary and Ms. Bridesmaid knowing nothing. But, they are booked for their trip, that is for sure. The ladies finally meet up with Camille, while her fiance, David is off with his friends. Camille shares the details of her meeting with LVP and how she blamed not coming to the wedding on her altercation with Kyle. Camille wanted LVP there and Rinna says the two of them do not have a problem with each other so no matter what is going on, you just show up. She should have shown up for Camille but she was busy taking lie detector test. Everyone is paddle boarding and taking cheap shots at one another but Kyle just wants to relax; this is hard work.

Back in California, Denise is saying how she would have loved to be with the ladies in Hawaii because she loves the sun but she is prepping to go to Connecticut to film a Christmas movie with her ex, Patrick Muldoon. She has known him since she was 19 and they dated on and off for years and he joins her at her house for lunch. They are just really great friends with cute nicknames for each other and he jokes about her liking bad boys. She recalls a Thanksgiving a few years back when Charlie Sheen came over and said he had left a hooker in his car. She reluctantly said she would set her a plate because even hookers deserve Thanksgiving. And I love Denise even more. Everyone heads to Camille’s house for a dinner but Kyle asks about Camille’s mom, who has been sick for a long time. Sadly, she is on the East Coast in the hospital. Camille has been on the phone with her and asked if she should postpone it but her mother said no.

It is time to play a game- least and worst favorite thing about your spouse, started by Teddi. For Rinna, in regards to Harry, is that he is just a good human being but the downside is that he chews blue gum. This seems ridiculous to Kyle that blue gum is the issue. Teddi loves how light Edwin is but she also hates that; Edwin loves how organized Teddi is but hates she is always on his ass. Kyle loves he is so positive but thinks he can be to immature; Mauricio does not like how stubborn she is but loves her sense of humor and how good of a mother she is. Camille joins the ladies at their table but Rinna asks if it will be a problem if they slip out early because she is ill. In the bus home, Edwin says you do not want the Playboy chick to which Rinna comments she is that Playboy chick, having posed twice. The next morning, Rinna is worse as Dorit goes to check in on her. She has no voice, which the ladies would have once appreciated.

Teddi and Edwin are enjoying the amenities and joking about how much more peaceful it is without the children but Teddi wonders if they can feel how much harder she has been working. A partner has been interested in coming in, meaning she would sell half of the company. It would be great financially and benefit her time but it just does not feel right to her. By the same token, she wants to be with her kids, Her company is her baby but she has her other babies so she is torn. Edwin tells her she will resent the kids if she makes a decision she does not feel 100% about; she admits she is a worrier, that is just who she is. In Connecticut, Patrick and Denise are filming and gushing to “I Dream of Jeannie” star, Barbara Eden. Denise comments how Charlie would not let her talk to Patrick when they were married but Aaron is extremely comfortable with their relationship. Back in Hawaii, Mauricio and Kyle are having breakfast and having the “what about the future” conversation. He throws out the idea of them having a son because he does not want to lose the Umansky name. She had wanted another kid years ago and he refuted the idea. He now brings up their trusts, wills, and testaments which she has no desire to talk about. Luckily, their youngest has three older sisters to take care of her if anything were to happen. In regards to health, Kyle scored higher than Mauricio and he placed at the highest.

The night before the wedding, everyone, sans Camille, gathers for dinner. Dorit notes she will have to speak for Rinna now that she does not have very much of a voice while Mauricio is a tad high, which is hilarious. He speaks about David and Camille and is making sense but is babbling, making everyone just crack up. Then, Kyle brings up how LVP was taking the lie detector test and how did she find out? One if her daughter’s friends houses was robbed so the family took the construction workers to take the lie detector tests and, oh wow, LVP was there. Seems too much of a coincidence. Everyone comments how liars can pass and innocent people can fail; Teddi says Ted Bundy passed so this holds no water. Even Kyle says she does not care and then Mauricio makes a joke because he is so high and this breaks all of the tension. And now, it is the morning of Camille’s wedding.

Dorit is helping Kyle get adjusted in her bridesmaids dress, with the capped sleeves and all. Luckily, Camille’s mom was able to come, from the hospital to Hawaii so everyone is happy. The bridesmaids and Camille have to cram into a tiny 1959 car and Camille shares she is keeping Grammer in her name. She comments everyone knows her as Grammer and she is lazy but I think she just likes being known by that. Rinna is waiting alone in the van and then the rest of the crew arrives and Mauricio is excited he gets to escort her and Dorit into the wedding, even though they arrive 16 minutes late. Think what you want about Camille but she did have a beautiful Hawaiian wedding.

Next week, Rinna and Harry send Denise and Aaron a card in regards to happy endings, there’s an issue with Camille, Kyle has a medical issue, and it is Halloween where Denise is fired up and Rinna is dressed like Erika! You can catch it Tuesday nights at 9pm on Bravo.

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