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Previously On The Big Bang Theory, Anu accepted a big promotion in London and Raj was flying to propose but Howard stopped him because he knew she would never appreciate a man like him. Leonard finally made up with his mother despite Sheldon’s jealousy and tonight, after 12 long and fabulous seasons, we say good-bye to the cast. Get your tissues ready; it is time for the final bow.

Amy and Sheldon have been keeping everyone awake waiting to see if they have won the Nobel Prize. Penny and Leonard are waiting with them while Sheldon gets prank calls and check ins but it is Amy who gets the call they won. Sheldon asks if they are dreaming so Leonard slaps him across the face. The couple proceeds to get a bunch of texts from family the following morning on their way to work and when they get outside, there is a ton of press. It scares Sheldon so he bolts while Amy stays and deals with the masses. At the university, Leonard, Raj, and Howard are told to say Sheldon and Amy are “quirky.” Amy is found by Raj in the bathroom crying because she has seen the press photos and thinks she looks frumpy. He tells her to get a make-over, treat herself but she says it is expensive. He reminds her the Nobel winner gets a substantial amount of money so off to Beverly Hills they go. At home, Bernadette asks Howard why an article about Sheldon is all about Howie. When Sheldon was dodging the press, Howard claimed to be his best friend, even though it is Leonard, so he made the interview all about him. He also tells Bernadette he can get the interviewer in touch with Penny’s best friend aka Bernie (even though it is really Penny). She likes the idea.

Raj comes by Leonard and Penny’s because he wants to show Penny his latest creation. She is not home but Amy comes in looking classy, in a sleek black suit and a new chic bob. Sheldon hates it and cannot take any more changes so he leaves and all of a sudden, after 12 years, the elevator opens. It has not worked all this time and there is Penny, smiling and happy about this new development. Sheldon runs down the stairs where Penny meets him. He says he needs to be alone and she asks if he needs a ride; he says yes. Amy says she should have done the haircut gradually but the guys say she is allowed to get a haircut. Penny takes Sheldon out where she creates a drinking game; every time he says the word “change,” she takes a drink. He may be scared of change but she reminds him how much he has changed since they met. He has friends, he moved, he’s married so she says the only thing that has stayed the same is things are always changing. Sheldon looks up on the television and sees Howard and Bernadette talking about their “best friends” who have won the Nobel Prize. This leads him to drink.

When Sheldon and Penny get home, she asks if he wants to take the elevator. It actually did work when he first moved in so he says this would be a return to the original way of life. And onto the second and final episode. Penny and Amy went dress shopping for the Nobel ceremony as Amy and Sheldon are flying all of their he friends out for the big event. The one thrill for Amy was how they had to let Penny’s dress out and take Amy’s in. What no one knows yet is Penny is expecting. After she went drinking with Sheldon on the last episode, she came home and they had unprotected sex thus resulting in the baby she did not think she wanted. Sheldon is practicing his speech in front of Amy, who is wearing a crown for the occasion. He has to cut down his speech because it exceeds 90 minutes and he wants to let everyone who ever doubted him know he is a success. Now that everyone is together prior to going to the airport, the couple lets them know they are ambassadors for their friends. They have Swedish etiquette to follow, which is quite interesting leading Penny to ask if they have to go.

Sheldon tells Penny there is free alcohol on the plane and to not abuse it but she says she won’t be drinking which shocks everyone. Of course, Bernadette asks if she is pregnant as she has seen her drink in the shower so how will she not drink on a plane. Howard and Bernie are on the plane and it is the first time they are away from their kids which has him spooked. Raj believes Sarah Michelle Gellar is sitting next to him while Penny keeps getting up to go to the bathroom, alarming Sheldon to think she has a bug. When he starts to freak, they confess Penny is pregnant and he tells Amy. Amy wants to know why Penny did not tell her and then Bernadette wants to know why she did not tell her, either. Sheldon wants to know why Leonard did not tell him and he said he did not want to take away from his moment; Sheldon crapped on the pregnancy and now, he and Leonard are fighting.

Howard and Bernie check in with Stuart and find out their daughter took a tumble down the stairs and lost a tooth while their son has a fever. Penny and Leonard are in their hotel room and she is freaking out over pickled herring while Leonard is venting about Sheldon’s poor behavior. Sheldon and Amy come to see them and apologize when Howard comes to say he and Bernadette are leaving because they need to see their children. In their room, Sheldon is saying how selfish their friends are and Amy can understand why. He has had no regard for their feelings at all. Penny is throwing up in the bathroom with Leonard helping her feel better and they decide they are going to go because they love Amy and Sheldon. They do not know why but they do love Sheldon. Even Howard and Bernadette are staying as her parents came to help. Raj shows up with Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Amy speaks and tells all the young girls to go into science because she loves her job and now it is time for Sheldon to speak. He puts his speech aside and thanks his family as well as his other family, all of his friends who are there with them. He is shocked to see Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. Sheldon asks his friends to stand and introduces them by name. He talks about the moment Penny and Leonard met and how Leonard said his and Penny’s babies would be smart and beautiful and now he knows that to be true. Penny laughs because she has yet to tell her parents. Finally, he thanks his wife and it is a brilliant way to acknowledge the whole cast individually. The show ends with a slow version of the theme song and all of them eating take out at Penny and Leonard’s. And so it ends.

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