Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Episode 11- The Morning After!

Previously On RHONY, Luann held her special Halloween show but she left the housewives frustrated as they were kept waiting and then she had the nerve to complain Bethenny left prior to her performance. Along with that, Ramona hosted a charity event but somehow, it become all about Ramona and her upcoming birthday party which she opted to not have Sonja at. This is going to prove to be exciting at the reunion.

Sonja is taking a mobile office to Luann’s home upstate and she is excited to see this place she almost sacrificed her life for. In the mobile office, Sonja says she will actually use the bathroom, unlike the Jittney to the Hamptons, where she uses diapers (gross) as she does not want to have to get up and be bothered. She has her dog, which Lu does not know is coming, and she has forgotten her doggie brush so she is using her own. Dorinda is familiarizing herself with her new neighborhood and is loving it. She has easy access to all the local markets, she can get to her daughter, and to her boyfriend so she is truly in real estate heaven. Bethenny and Tinsley meet for lunch where Tins reveals her pup, Bambi has cancer. Bethenny can relate as her longtime dog, Cookie passed away in season 10. She also shares how Sonja rammed down her throat about the thought of getting married and having a kid would be the solution to all of her problems. She feels Sonja has this idea that if she does not take her advice and listens to anyone else, it is a betrayal. Tinsley just wants a shoulder of comfort not someone lunging at her and B understands this.

Sonja gets to Luann’s and says it looks just like her. Lu shares how unsafe she felt in the Hamptons, with people always looking in on her but upstate, she feels so private. They talk about drinking and how Sonja does not have a happy medium and then she talks about how she lashed out at Tinsley. She starts by saying Bambi has cancer and then wanted to find a husband so she just felt she was being a downer. Maybe Tinsley is just confused and needs to find the right combination in life. How many times has Sonja been the repeater and been an ass? Roll cameras. Nope, we aren’t going to do that? Okay. So, Ramona joins Tins and B at lunch as she was there when Sonja went off the rails on Tinsley but first, she has a bone to pick with Bethenny but she wants to work on her delivery. Bethenny is shown doing stretches in her confessional as she preps for more Ramona bs. She tells Bethenny she wishes she could have shown up to the charity event for a moment and had skipped the Victoria’s Secret red carpet. Bethenny said she skipped the after party so she could get home; she does not go out late and Ramona should know that. She reminds her of how Luann got so mad she did not stay later than 1130pm on Halloween when she was supposed to go on at 11pm.

The women are in agreement that Lu thinks everyone works for her and she is this big star when Bethenny was someone she should be bowing down to. Bethenny regales Tins with some gossip from Sonja about her wanting to have a kid and B asks Tins if she really wants to have a kid or if she thinks this is what she should have. She says this is what she should do; she knows how great she is with her pups but she does not want to date at the moment despite having a time clock. Ramona and B keep bringing up how old she is and that is annoying, They say maybe she should have a baby on her own. B says they can get the best possible sperm out there, even if she wants chihuahua sperm. They agree to revisit it in one month. Ramona says they have discussed going away, just the seven of them, before the new year and it was originally Aspen but then the decision became Miami. Ramona found a house they could stay in and she says Mario may come to see them but they have not done anything sexually for three years. She says they had break-up sex and that is it. Uh-huh. No one believes her at all.

Luann is cooking while Sonja is getting ready and then Barbara arrives with gifts for the hostess. Sonja’s gift is a bottle of champagne because she knows guests will be drinking in the home, even though Lu won’t be. They are talking about how great Barbara looked as Slash on Halloween and she says it felt like a second skin. The two ladies question what took her so long and why she did not come down and say hi to everyone or at least greet them. Sonja also reminds her of the comment she made about Bethenny leaving to see her daughter sleep but Lu wants to remind them of the things B has said to her. They both have said some nasty things but B was there when Lu really needed her so she cannot forget that. Lu is getting super defensive, reminding Sonja she is in her home at her table so she needs to simmer down. Sonja comments it took longer for them to get ready on Halloween for the show than Lu actually performed for and she thinks she is this big star, neglecting her girlfriends. Lu just does not want all of them coming up to her happy place and ruining it.

Bethenny, Dorinda, and Tinsley are ready to head upstate while Ramona is at Jonathan Adler buying a housewarming gift since she will be late. Lu is preparing for the rest of the ladies to show up and she is trying to get ready for whatever is about to happen. She is talking about her show taking off and how she has just started a jewelry line. Barbara and Sonja are chatting about high school and how Sonja would get beat up by the girls whereas Barbara would have her breasts grabbed since she had them at an early age. Dorinda, Tinsley, and Bethenny finally arrive and they are all very impressed but B laughs at the bathroom/kitchen combo. Tins says this house would drive her to drink and Sonja plays mouthpiece for Lu so they know she’s been gossiping. Then, it comes up how Ramona is late because she was at her birthday party, which none of the ladies were invited to. She posted it on her Instagram story so Sonja saw it and Ramona was laughing and having a grand ole time. Sonja wants to know if those ladies will be there for Ramona when the hard times come along. But, Dorinda, Tinsley, and Bethenny are playing a drinking game based on key words such a “cabaret” so that is fun.

They start talking about when Sonja, Tins, and Ramona when out and Sonja went in on Tins. Sonja has no time for all of the sadness in her life right now but she has very little compassion for Tins because she is jealous. She has had it out for Tinsley since she arrived in season nine all glam and young. Barbara starts talking about how she thought she was bisexual but realized she was sexually fluid. She was in a relationship with a woman for a year and this did shock Luann, who is very close with her. To each their own. Now it is onto the Halloween show again. Lu says the show was originally at midnight but she moved it to 11pm and wanted to know why Bethenny had to leave. It comes up about her watching her daughter sleep but she says she wanted to watch her wake up. She does not have a nanny; she had a housekeeper who stayed that night and needed to be there the next morning. Lu says she was there when she fell and now wants her to be there when she is succeeding. Bethenny says this is how she is choosing to live her life and wants Lu to support her like she is supporting her. B says she celebrated Lu over the summer and she asks how. The ladies say when she needed her the most.

Next week, Ramona joins the ladies for a night out. You can catch it all Wednesday night on Bravo at 9pm.

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