Survivor Live Recap: Season 38 Finale – I See the Million Dollars

Survivors ready? We have made it to the end of Survivor: Edge of Extinction! By the end of tonight’s episode, we will see as one of the Survivor castaways on EOE returns to the game and one castaway will be named Sole Survivor! Which castaway will it be? Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode. If you missed last week’s episode of Survivor: EOE, check out our full recap right here to get all the details!

We started the night off with a Challenge which will allow one of the castaways from EOE to return to the game and compete for the million dollar prize. After several obstacles and a puzzle board where you have to get two balls into holes, the winner of this challenge is Chris! He will now rejoin the game and have a shot at the million dollar prize. We then hear from all the EOE castaways about what getting back into the game would have meant to them.

When the final 6 get back to the island, Chris is trying to get in the good graces of a lot of his fellow castaways. Rick and Lauren to be more specific. It is now time for the first Immunity Challenge for tonight. They will go through a series of obstacles and then use numbered disks to unlock a box with puzzle pieces. The first person to put the puzzle together will not only win immunity but will also win a steak dinner and cake for dessert. Victoria, Rick, Julie, Lauren, Gavin and finally Chris get their puzzle pieces out of their box.

Chris knows that he can’t win the challenge because of all the time it took him to unlock his box and he starts to talk Julie through putting her puzzle together without it falling apart on her. She manages to win Immunity with Chris’ help. Julie is allowed to take two people with her on her feast and she picks Chris because he hasn’t won a reward and didn’t get any of the feasts throughout the game and she picked Lauren. Rick is not happy about this because he has gone to bat for her several times and she hasn’t done the same for him.

Julie tells Lauren and Chris that she really wants Rick out of this game. She is hoping to get him to play this idol and flushing it out and they talk about splitting the vote between Rick and Victoria. Meanwhile, Victoria isn’t feeling really good about Chris, Lauren and Julie working together. They are talking about splitting the vote between Rick and Chris. Rick tells us that regardless, he is playing his idol, but he has to figure out if Chris is working with him or against him.

Later we find out that Chris got the two-piece idol and has to give one piece to another castaway. He gives the other half of the idol to Rick. Rick has an idol and Chris is worried that he might be the other castaway they vote against. He talks Lauren into playing her idol for him if Rick plays his idol tonight and it turns out to be real.

It is time for Tribal Council! The votes are in and tallied and Jeff asks if anyone has an idol to play. Rick plays his idol for himself and then Lauren plays her idol for Chris! Any votes for Rick and Chris will not count! Here are the votes:

  1. Rick
  2. Rick
  3. Rick
  4. Chris
  5. Victoria
  6. Victoria

With two votes, Victoria is the next member of the Jury!

The next morning, Rick knows that an idol was probably put back into play after two were played. While Rick is out, Chris and Julie start looking too. Rick finds an idol and after he does that, he gives Chris the other half of the idol back and now they both have full idols. Julie thinks that if two idols were played then there should be two in play. Julie and Lauren are out looking for idols still. Julie finds one, but it seems to be the fake one that Rick planted. Lauren then finds the clue to the idol that Rick planted and finds the second fake idol. Rick is laughing hysterically from a distance.

It is time for the second Immunity Challenge of the night! They have to go through 6 obstacles and retrieve 6 bags of puzzle pieces and then solve their puzzle. The first one who solves their puzzle will win Immunity! The first castaway to get their puzzle together is Rick and he wins Immunity. Back at the island, Gavin and Rick are talking and Rick tells Gavin that he will use his idol on him tonight if he promises to take Rick to the end with him. Gavin tells him he will take him and Rick promises he will use his idol tonight. Chris has an idol of his own and Gavin, Julie and Lauren plan on voting Chris out leaving Lauren and Julie in trouble tonight.

It is time for the second Tribal Council of the night! Votes are in and tallied. Jeff asks if anyone has an immunity idol to play and Julie plays hers, but Jeff tells her it’s fake. Lauren pulls hers out Jeff tells her that hers is also fake. Rick plays an idol for Gavin and it is in fact real. Chris plays his idol for himself and it is real. Any votes for Gavin or Chris will not count. Here are the votes:

  1. Chris
  2. Chris
  3. Chris
  4. Lauren
  5. Lauren

With two votes, Lauren is the next member of the jury leaving Rick, Julie, Gavin, and Chris in the Final 4!

It is now time for the final immunity challenge of the season! In this challenge, they will have to stack letter blocks while using a rope to stop the blocks from rocking too much. The first person to get all their letters stacked will win Immunity and be in the Final 3! Chris is the first to get all his blocks stacked and back to the other side of his rocking platform! Chris wins the final immunity challenge of the season!

Back at the island, Rick is trying to talk Chris into just taking him to final with him. He tells Rick that he has played the million dollar game and at this point, he has to make a fire tonight. Chris then plans on working with Gavin and Julie and whoever ends up being the best at it will go up against Rick in fire making. Who will Chris take with him? Who will go up against Rick in the fire making challenge?

First, we will find out who Chris takes with him to the final 3. Gavin tells Chris that he wants to earn his way into the final 3 and tells Chris not to pick him. He decides to take off his necklace, gives it to Julie and tells Jeff that he will go against Rick in the fire making challenge himself! They head up to the voting station because of the wind down below and they start to build their fires. In the end, Chris’ fire starts off first and he starts to build around it and Chris has beaten Rick in the fire making challenge! Chris, Julie, and Gavin are heading to final 3!

The final three head back to camp for one more night on the island and they find champagne and food for them there. They then collect all their things and head to their meeting with the Jury! After being grilled by the jury, it is time for the jury to vote for who they think should be the Sole Survivor! The votes are in and they are:

  1. Gavin
  2. Chris
  3. Gavin
  4. Chris
  5. Gavin
  6. Chris
  7. Gavin
  8. Chris
  9. Chris
  10. Chris
  11. Chris

With 7 votes, Chris has been named the Sole Survivor for Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

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