Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 14- The Morning After!

Previously On RHOBH, the women went on a camping trip sans LVP but she was always popping up in the conversations. Erika was fine with her not being around as she saw who her true friends were while Camille still wanted to invite LVP to her upcoming wedding. At the same time, we learned a little more than we bargained for about Denise and her new hubby.

Camille is planning her wedding as LVP is showing off her kitchen renovation. Hopefully, all of the toxic energy she has been feeling is now gone and she can feel much better. It is the day before Erika’s LA concert and she is doing a lot of press; they are asking how she feels to be back and she is nervous but excited. PK asks Dorit how the camping trip was and she suggests they take the kids but he does not believe they are a roughing it family. However, Dorit did do very well with grilling and beer pong so she is ready and raring to go. She tells PK she has informed Camille he cannot attend her wedding so she and Rinna will be the only ones without hubbies so they can be their dates. We learn whenever Dorit has to go out of town for the night, her mom comes in from the East Coast to help out, feed PK, and watch the kids. Must be nice. Over at Kyle’s two acre home, she, Teddi, and Rinna are jogging off the calories from all of the junk food they ate on the trip while gossiping about Camille’s revelation that she used to massage an exes prostate. And the fact she called Teddi out as being a know-it-all but Camille did invite Teddi to her wedding so this must be some sort of BH olive branch.

Denise is packing for Miami where she will be filming and she loves being on set because it feels like a vacation for her because she gets spoiled. She feels good that Aaron will be at home because he takes great care of the girls, especially her youngest, Eloise, who is non-verbal. Erika is off rehearsing and there is a lot going on with her show. It is no small production and LA is big for her; people she knows are there and everyone is a performer so the bar is set even higher. On the way to the airport, Denise stops by to see her eldest daughter, Sami getting ready for her homecoming dance. She is in denial her daughter is going on a date but is very sad she won’t be there for the actual dance exit. She has missed big moments for her daughters and this is what is hard being a working mom. Denise starts to cry because she really feels bad she won’t get to see Sami leave and Aaron tells her if she needs anything just to call or text.

While Erika is backstage, her husband, Tom shows up and she wants him to see where all of the time and especially the money is going. He has been her biggest supporter all along and she is happy to have him there. On the way to the show, Mauricio, PK, Kyle, and Dorit are all riding together, so all has been forgiven. Mauricio asks about the camping trip and, of course, Camille and her prostate massaging comes up again. No more of that. Kyle has seen Erika twice already and she is excited for her husband to be there as she bragged about what an amazing performer she is. Denise cannot come, obviously, so on her way to the airport, she tells her husband he can touch himself when they have phone sex. She needs her own sex show. The other ladies meet up at Erika’s show and Rinna has a new look, a long ponytail, which everyone enjoys. But back to getting turned on- the moment the lights go down, this is when Erika gets the most turned on and I can only imagine what it is like to be a performer like her.

While the ladies are enjoying the show with their husbands, we learn Teddi’s husband, Edwin was a back-up dancer back in the day but she says he is not tall enough to work for Erika. And then disaster strikes when her mic goes silent. This was the total wrong night for this to happen but she just kept the energy up and keeps on going, like a professional does. It does not last too long and she is soon back up and running. After, Tom comes back to see Erika and he tells her the show was unbelievable and he really does look super proud. He is followed by the ladies and they are all thrilled and it is great to see PK telling the dancers “respect” especially after how shattered their relationship was at first. While Erika is meeting and greeting people and PK, Mauricio, and Edwin sit down, Kyle and Teddi try to steal Erika’s fancy red boots. Then, Kyle straddles Mauricio and makes out with him hardcore because she has had a lot of tequila. Teddi shares she and Edwin got it on to Miley Cyrus “Party in the USA” and the women crack up. It is a good night.

Teddi talks about how Edwin wants to be a dancer for her tour and he shows some moves but ends up pulling a hamstring so I do not think he is going that far. Concert over and LVP is calling Camille as she plays with her pups. She invites Camille over for tea and she says yes but she is hurt LVP did not reach out sooner and say she was not coming to her bridal shower. Kyle and Teddi are getting their nails done with their daughters for Camille’s wedding and Kyle’s bridesmaid dress has yet to arrive so she is freaking out. Teddi shares they need a bunch of outfits because she has looked at the itinerary which Kyle has yet to do. Teddi is sharing her business is growing by leaps and bounds and though someone wants to be a partner but she is not feeling good about that. She is spreading herself very thin as a mom and businesswoman so Kyle shares she is closing all of her stores, keeping one open, and focusing on just online.

Camille finally arrives to LVP’s as if there is no rift between anyone in the group at all. Camille comments she knows how the girls can be but c’mon! She is just as bad and she says she tries to be the better person. Eye roll. Camille asks LVP to come to her wedding because she wants her there. I don’t imagine LVP is going to say yes to this offer but it does not hurt to ask. Though LVP tells her friend she has always cared about her, she declines the invitation. Camille understands her reasons and LVP says she can invite her and cancel the others, which would be what I would say. Camille says she still feels Kyle misses LVP and LVP says she would feel the same way if she gave up a good friend. Camille notes LVP is behaving like a victim but I think this whole situation is just annoying. Everyone wants the apology they will not get but Camille says in her confessional that this is not the LVP she used to know and they will see each other post-wedding.

24 hours later- LVP is taking a lie detector test. Really? We are doing this?

Next week, it is wedding time for Camille and David, Mauricio wants to have another baby, and Teddi and Edwin have a heart-to-heart about business. You can catch it all Tuesday night at 9pm on Bravo.

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