Previously On…Mom Season 6 Finale Recap!

Previously On Mom, Bonnie had to try to understand why selling her old car was such a difficult process and Christy struggled to adapt to her summer job at the law firm. Being a Plunkett can be an adventure, to say the least.

It is the sixth birthday of Christy being sober but she has foregone the annual cake because her mother is in Reno with Adam picking up a jukebox for the bar. She wants to save the big cake and celebration for when everyone can be there together but she is about to be dealt a big blow. She walks over to her sponsor, Nora to hand her a “thank you” card when she learns Nora has accepted a better meteorologist position out of state and will be moving soon. Christy cannot believe she is being left, especially on her sober birthday and is so devastated, she does not know how to be happy for Nora. As for Adam and Bonnie, he is asking about their wedding and setting a date. They had put it on hold when the bar was struggling but now it is doing well so there are no excuses. They keep passing quickie wedding chapels so it becomes a challenge to Bonnie if she can actually marry him so she suggests one on the side of the road, next to an Arby’s. They go in, they mutter yes to their vows and they are married. They barely smile for the photos and walk out. Bonnie chows down on an Arby’s sandwich on the way home, which Adam refers to as the reception.

Back at home, Jill, Wendy, Tammy, and Marjory are having a celebratory dinner for Christy though there is a little tension because both Wendy and Marjory brought their lasagnas. Tammy is complaining because she is tired of Marjory constantly leaving her Post-It reminder notes and Jill cannot believe she passed up a massage for this. Soon, Bonnie and Adam return home with their big announcement but everyone is mad as hell. They were all planning for this day for a long time, especially Christy and it is just a slap in the face. When they are wedding gift shopping, they opt for chip clips. Jill is particularly mad because she bought a special dress for the occasion and feels she will never have a wedding to wear it to again. Christy really wanted to be able to give her mom away and not be able to take her back. More so, they have been through a lot together and this was very special.

At the AA meeting, it is time for Christy’s cake where her mom is there to share in the moment but after, Christy’s share is not so favorable and neither is Marjory’s. She sees how beloved she is at the meeting and how the women really wanted to be a part of the big day, something she shares with Adam. They decide to have another wedding at the bar the following day with Marjory as the officiant, Wendy playing her recorder, and Christy giving her away. Of course, there are two lasagnas, yet again. Of course, Christy needs a sponsor again so she approaches Marjory and they are back together and all is right with the world. Remember, the show has been renewed by CBS for two more seasons so we will see you in the fall!

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