Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Episode 10- The Morning After!

Previously On RHONY, Tinsley hosted the Big Apple Circus but she realized how sad she was without her father and Scott. At the same time, Luann and Sonja prepared for Lu’s big Halloween cabaret performance, which was bound to be anything but seamless.

It is finally Halloween night but on this show, it seems like we have been celebrating the holiday since the beginning. The ladies arrived to Luann’s big cabaret show decked out with Bethenny stealing the night as a Victoria’s Secret angel. She was on time, the first to show up at 9pm, and she always has to let it be known she is the first to arrive. Barbara comes as Slash from Guns N Roses and Tinsley is the cutest slutty nurse. Sonja is a nurse, as well per the theme of the evening and I am not really sure what Dorinda came as but she was definitely fierce. She jokes how her boyfriend, John cannot stop staring at Bethenny and is basically not hiding how hot he thinks she is. Hey, she definitely worked the angel look and we are not hating it at all. As the ladies are chatting, they are noticing Lu has not even come down to say hi or acknowledge their presence. She is supposed to hit the stage at 11pm but the clock is ticking and she is nowhere to be found. She is upstairs getting decked out and is seemingly unaware that she has guests waiting for her. One person who chose to be elsewhere is Ramona; she opted to go to Omar’s to social climb because, ya know, this is how Ramona rolls nowadays. Eventually, Lu goes on to perform a few songs at 1139pm and Lu is peeved because B has left the building. She made it clear to the Countess she had to leave at 11 and she actually stayed later in hopes she would catch a song but she had to let her babysitter go. Lu made a comment about Bethenny going home to watch her daughter sleep so basically, she could have stayed. Well then.

The next morning, Tinsley tells her mom, Dale about the event and then she talks about the circus and how she broke down. She was just really sad Scott did not show up and feels crazy she cried so much but it all made sense with her being in a big bow and the rosy cheeks. She also says having all of the kids around her added to it all because she wants that life but does not want to do it alone though she has the eggs. She wants the family but she is not getting any younger. I have a lot of hope for her as long as she does not settle. Bethenny, Dorinda, Tinsley, and Sonja all go out to dinner a few nights later and rehash the Luann event. They tell her what Lu’s reaction was to Bethenny leaving early and she is so tired of these digs the Countess constantly gives out but always behind her back. Lu did text B and commented she heard her costume was over the top. She is not sure exactly what this means but she is pretty much over it. They are all tired of Lu’s arrogance but Bethenny snarks she will be there for the next intervention if there is one. And we do know Lu had a slight relapse last month in Chicago so let’s see how this plays out.

Dorinda has moved but she is still cleaning out her old apartment she bought in 2001. She has yet to sell it as she may use it for an investment. She talks about how she kept it but moved into her late husband, Richard’s townhouse when they got married but moved back to her apartment when he passed. This apartment holds a lot of memories for her and daughter, Hannah and not all of them are good. It’s a safe place, in a way. Hannah has not seen it bare in years and it is eerie but she has to tell her mom to stop filling it with discount Halloween decor. It is time for the next chapter. Hannah really is a smart and savvy young lady so Dorinda did a great job! The new apartment is nice and John is eager to start moving his stuff in but Dorinda says no. She does not even want guests to stay the night; they can stay in a hotel at this point. She loves John but she does not want to get married at all and she feels their relationship is fine a few nights a week but she does not know if that will ever be enough for him. At least she knows what she wants.

As for Ramona, she has decided to get involved in a charity which involves sexual abuse, NY Loves Kids. The victim and charity runner, Bridie, is sharing her story with a round table as they are preparing for the event and, of course, Ramona calls her by the wrong name. The night of the event, Sonja, Dorinda, and Lu are in attendance but Bethenny had a conflict. She had RSVP’d to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in advance to Ramona planning this event so she asks her driver if she has time to swing by but she does not. Plus, she is scantly dressed and does not feel it is the best impression for a sexual abuse event. Ramona is mad B did not stop in but Ramona has not been the best person over the past few years to Bethenny so let’s call a spade a spade. The event is a typical Ramona feeling herself event. She talks about how great she looks and feels for her age and then…Harry Dubin shows up. Yes, the man who was married to former housewife, Aviva Drescher and dated both Luann and Sonja. Plus, he was photographed making out with Ramona but I am not sure if it was before or after this charity event. It seems Ramona or “Rameana” as Dorinda has named her, likes to invite Harry to all of her events so maybe she has a thing for him and if they become an item, this would make Lu ill. So, in that case, date away.

Ramona and Harry peruse the auction items and stumble across one of Lu’s statement necklaces from her new collection, a faux diamond double strand. Harry notes how it looks great on Ramona’s chest and buys it for her. It is now time for Ramona to give a speech with Dorinda, Sonja, and Bridie in tow and this is just a hot mess. The ladies keep interrupting one another and poor Bridie is trying to talk but she end up becoming a venting ear for Ramona. Oh, and Ramona’s birthday is coming up and there is a party being planned by her friend, Lucia. Sonja is hurt because she was not invited and Ramona puts it on the party planner but as we see in footage, Lucia asked the birthday girl about inviting Sonja to which Ramona said “no.” Uh-oh; cannot wait for reunion time.

Next week, the ladies head to Luann’s new home upstate, Barbara reveals secrets about her sexuality, and everyone erupts about the cabaret. You can catch it Wednesday nights on Bravo at 9pm.

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