The Amazing Race 31 Recap: Episode 4 – I Took Out a Polar Bear

Tonight on The Amazing Race 31 we will watch as one team rubs another team the wrong way when they steal their taxi in Vietnam. Where will each clue lead the teams tonight? Who will be the last team to make it to tonight’s Pit Stop? Find out right here with our Amazing Race live recap! If you missed last week’s episode of TAR, check out our full recap right here to get all caught up!

The teams are heading to Snowtown Saigon to start this leg of the race. Becca & Floyd and Nicole & Victor are the first two teams to depart. When the teams start to arrive there, they find out that it doesn’t open until 6:30am, which is still a few hours away. When they open, all of the teams are there. They get in and find sleds. They then start at the top of a huge hill and sled down it in order to get their next clue from someone dressed as a polar bear at the bottom.

Becca & Floyd, Nicole & Victor and Chris & Bret finish before the others, but Chris & Bret have to do their Speed Bump first. They had to make snowballs out of the artificial snow inside Snowtown Saigon. They have to be a specific size and they had to fill a cooler with them. Meanwhile, the other teams are heading over to the Road Block. They have to do a scooter challenge where they have to go through a course without going out of bounds or they have to start over. The first ones to finish this are Leo & Jamal. Rachel & Elissa are second to finish.

The teams that have finished are heading to the detour challenge as other teams continue to finish the scooter challenge. In the detour challenge, they can either get into these small boats and paddle to a basket that has fish in it and bring them back to the fishmonger. While doing this challenge, the teams are being harassed by locals who are also in boats. In the other challenge, they have to build a bamboo wheel to get water to go into a pot. They have to build the wheel precisely in order for it to work. Nicole & Victor do the boats and while they are paddling, they are being splashed by locals in the water with them. Rachel and Elissa are having a hard time tying their bamboo pieces correctly.

Meanwhile, Eliza at the scooter challenge, Eliza & Corinne are still there. Eliza is freaking out while riding the scooter through the course and keeps going out of bounds. Eliza does eventually get it together and passes the scooter challenge. Nicole & Victor are heading to the Pit Stop after finishing their Detour challenge! Colin & Christie are right behind them! Becca & Floyd, Chris & Bret, and the rest of the teams start heading to the Pit Stop too.

Rachel & Elissa are still having a hard time with their bamboo wheel, but their pot is getting full. They are just ahead of Eliza and Corinne who are currently in last place.

Here is how each team finished this leg of the race:

  1. Colin & Christie (they also win a trip to the Dominican Republic)
  2. Nicole & Victor
  3. Chris & Bret (Started last and had a Speedbump)
  4. Becca & Floyd
  5. Korey & Tyler
  6. Leo & Jamal
  7. Janelle & Britney
  8. Rachel & Elissa
  9. Eliza & Corrine

Eliza & Corrine came in last and were eliminated from The Amazing Race!

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