Survivor Live Recap: Season 38 Episode 13 – Idol or Bust

Tonight on Survivor season 38 we will watch as the castaways on the edge of extinction read letters that they wrote to themselves. We will also watch as the final six battle it out for individual immunity during a tough puzzle challenge. Who will win immunity on Survivor? Who will be voted off? Keep refreshing this page to find out all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction! If you missed last week’s episode of Survivor: EOE, get all caught up with our recap right here!

We started tonight’s episode of Survivor off with the reaction from the other castaways after Ron was voted off last week. Rick lies to the castaways and tells them that the idol he played was given to him from someone on the Edge of Extinction. It seems like the target has shifted to Rick this week, but we shall see if he figures out a way to stay in the game like he has been.

The next day, Lauren tries to get Rick to admit that his idol came from their beach. She knows that it wasn’t gifted to him, but he doesn’t trust her enough to tell her. After she leaves him in the woods, he finds another hidden immunity idol. This is a little crazy.

It is time for tonight’s Reward Challenge, the castaways will race out with a ball, throw it over a trap, grab a second ball and do it again. When they get both their balls, they will then try and land both balls on top of a ledge. They will be playing for a helicopter ride around the island which will end with a feast at the end. The first person to get both their balls on the perch is Gavin! He can pick two people to go with him and he picks Victoria and Lauren to go with him. Everyone is pretty surprised that Aurora didn’t get picked, including her, who now thinks that her group doesn’t want her to be there.

During the reward, Gavin, Lauren, and Victoria talk about getting rid of Rick next and Julie as a backup. However, Lauren doesn’t seem to like the idea of getting rid of Julie. Victoria goes to talk to Aurora when they get back to camp just to assure her that she isn’t a target. Victoria tells her that Lauren and Gavin really want to get Rick out, but Victoria thinks that Julie needs to go first.

Meanwhile, at the Edge of Extinction, the castaways get the letters they wrote to themselves before they started their Survivor journey. Spirits have been lifted across the EOE after they read these letters. Back on Vata, Rick is pretending to be idol hunting in order to tire out the rest of the castaways who are following him around the island.

It is time for the Immunity Challenge! The castaways will be racing to get letters to the other side of an obstacle and then put them together to make a phrase. Aurora is already doubting herself before the challenge even gets started. Rick, Aurora, and Lauren are the first three to get started on putting their letters together. Rick is able to solve the puzzle before everyone else and he wins Immunity!

Back at camp, Rick and Julie sneak off to talk. Aurora, Gavin, Victoria, and Lauren are talking about getting Julie out, but Rick and Julie think that they can get everyone to turn on Aurora and vote her out. Julie goes to talk to Lauren who is close to her and starts to convince her that Aurora needs to go. This doesn’t take much effort. Lauren then goes to Gavin and then Gavin goes to Victoria, but Victoria doesn’t like the idea of voting out Aurora. Things could get interesting during tonight’s tribal council!

It’s time for TC! Rick and Julie talk about how there is clearly a four-person alliance that they aren’t a part of. There is then a lot of talk about why Rick is their target. They talk about how he has been winning immunity and finding idols week after week. Aurora does say that even though he is her number one target, she respects the game he is playing. Rick tells everyone that he plans on playing his idol to keep Julie in the game and pulls his idol out.

It is time to vote and when the voting is over, Jeff tallies the votes. He asks if anyone wants to play a hidden immunity idol and Rick decides not to play his idol after all. The votes are:

  1. Aurora
  2. Julie
  3. Aurora
  4. Aurora
  5. Aurora

With four votes, Aurora is voted out. Aurora grabs her torch and heads to the Edge of Extinction.

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