Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 13- The Morning After!

Previously On RHOBH, PK and Dorit met up with Ken and LVP to try to mend their friendship but it did not go exactly as planned. On top of this, Denise saw a side to Camille that was less than favorable and it made her wonder if she was her next target!

Why these ladies think going camping makes them more down to earth and less Beverly Hills really baffles me because Rinna packs enough for a family of five going overseas. They are just going away for the night on Teddi’s husband’s company RV; it is not that serious. Harry Hamlin cannot help but laugh at Rinna’s packing skills since he is an avid camper and they see they can never camp the same. Like myself, these ladies need bathrooms and beds- just a little bit of luxury. Erika is ready and raring to go as she points out she is a tomboy. She likes to fish and do everything involving the outdoors. Let’s not forget she was raised in the south and has a son so this is second nature to her. The ladies all arrive for the excursion and, of course, none of them will be driving the RV but instead it will be Teddi’s husband’s female assistant doing it all. Essentially, they are camping rock stars. Though they have brought their own amenities for the trip, there are snacks as soon as they board, with Camille as the last to arrive. The only person not in attendance is LVP. I would have so loved to see her go camping but alas, no one has found resolution with her except Denise who still has not been thrown under the bus by her.

On the way, they stop at a market and stock up on $700 worth of junk food for the night because why not? It turns out they are actually glamping as there are beds and proper accommodations for everyone. We learn PK did send an apology text to Kyle regarding the comment he made about LVP at the Culture Club comment. She claims she has forgiven him but I do not really think she has. I think she wanted more than what she got in the text because it was kind of a crappy text but hey, you get what you get from him. The ladies proceed to play beer pong and acknowledge their ages but still want to act like they are young, which I appreciate. Why the need to always act BH when there is absolutely no need? Dorit grills dinner with Camille for everyone, which absolutely blows my mind and then it is onto dessert and chit chat. While they are just chilling and eating snacks, Denise reveals she helped her husband, Aaron get a happy ending at a massage parlor. She had never dated a man who had not had one so she felt it was her mission to get him one. The ladies are completely shocked but intrigued by this whole story. I do not think they actually believed happy endings existed in real life. She proceeds to share she had a happy ending experience of her own and she has no shame but realizes Aaron may not be so happy with how much she told to the girls. Oh well; he knows who he married. Camille reveals she used to use a strap on with an ex and other tushy acts. Which ex was this?

Camille confesses she wants LVP at her wedding despite her not making any attempts to celebrate but Teddi comments that Camille has no problem talking about people behind their backs but not to their faces. Camille calls Teddi a know-it-all and they are not getting along in a very happy campfire way. I was just waiting for Teddi to pull out her accountability coach stuff again. Erika admits she is happier with the way things are going now that LVP is gone; she trusts the women in the group and cares about what happens to them and they are her true friends. The next morning, Erika indulges in cheez-whiz and pumpkin pie for breakfast as they had a fun overnight, putting bugs and rats in each others tents. Kyle said she never went to camp so this is the closest she would ever get. Erika reminds the ladies they are all invited to her next show. Not everyone can go; Camille will be getting married and Denise is filming but everyone else is beyond excited for the grand performance. Time to get the RV back to the BH.

Next week, Camille asks LVP to come to her wedding, Denise gets upset over missing milestones in Sami’s life, and Erika faces big problems on stage. You can catch it all Tuesday night on Bravo at 9pm.

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