Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 21 Recap!

Previously On Mom, Christy and Jill went on ill-fated dates while Tammy and Bonnie attempted to make amends with their foster mother leading to a big secret from Tammy’s past to be revealed. You can catch up with it all right here.

Christy is finally starting her summer job at the law firm and is so excited, she cannot sleep. She is up super early, as is Bonnie who has to move her old car a few mornings a week. She still has not gotten rid of it after Adam bought her a shiny new one and the constant alarms she has to set in order to properly wake herself up are driving him out of his mind. When Christy gets to her new job, she finds she has her own office…which she shares with a copy machine. Bonnie is off at her therapist’s office and he is trying to help her with her procrastination issues. She keeps throwing all these psychological terms at him, words he wish he had never taught her, especially since she keeps misusing them. He asks her why she has yet to sell her old car. Bonnie has no answer but he tells her it is something she needs to do, which she shares with the ladies at the bistro. They all say they procrastinate, as well. Jill has a package from three Christmas’s ago meant for her neighbors which she never delivered; Marjory has voicemail from her late husband, Victor, that he left her right before he had his last stroke she has yet to listen to; and Tammy has not gotten her drivers license after being out of prison for six months. Wendy is the only one who is the most organized. The women do find the light in all of the drinking games they could play if they weren’t sober based on all of the times Bonnie refers to her therapist or blames her ADD.

Christy joins them and pretends her new job is great until she cracks and says she hates her life which becomes another drinking game. To avoid selling her car, Bonnie does everything else possible to stay occupied like going to the dentist, fixing stuff around the apartment building, literally anything that is not selling the car. She tells her therapist she was too busy and he makes her to a Craigslist ad in his office but she just turns him into a camel. It eventually comes to light her car represents all she has been through and the person she once was and she does not want to let her go. This was something she never considered and now she must figure out how to really let go of old Bonnie. Christy is at her waitress job and she is still bad at it. She suddenly gets an emergency text from the law firm and has to leave to help but it is only to pick up the dinner orders from the Rustic Fig, where she works so that’s just embarrassing. She is working in her office, making copies when she goes to see one of the lawyers to ask why he has not used another case as a reference point for the case they are currently trying. She has to explain it to him and he thinks it is brilliant and is very impressed with her. Of course, he goes right into his meeting and acts like it is his idea with Christy saying nothing.

In AA, all the ladies are sharing how they conquered their procrastination and how much it helped them. When Jill went over to bring her neighbors their Christmas gift, the wife was looking at her funny but she was actually eyeing a mole on Jill’s wrist which happened to be pre-cancerous. Tammy finally got her license and Marjory listened to the voicemail which was a buttdial but she heard Victor telling his caretaker he wanted to put on a nice shirt so he would look sharp when he saw Marjory. They all found resolution so Bonnie finally sells her car to a younger guy but she quickly learns he is just pushing it off a cliff for his student film and she rips up the check and tells him to leave. Adam is confused so she explains the significance of her old car and how it is so much of the old Bonnie and how she cannot just let her go off of a cliff. Eventually, the ladies are back at the bistro, Jill post-chemical peel, thanks to her neighbor. Christy joins them and tells them about how the lawyer stole her idea and she was so thrilled because, after just one year of law school, her idea was good enough to steal. Tammy notes she should put fish in his trunk and she says she would do that for any of thee girls and this is when Bonnie asks for a dollar from Tammy. She hands it over and Bonnie gives her the keys to her old car, She knows Tammy would never push her off of a cliff.

Next week, it is the season finale and Adam and Bonnie finally tie the knot…without Christy. You can catch it Thursday night at 9pm on CBS.

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