Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Episode 9- The Morning After!

Previously On RHONY, Tinsley finally broke it off with Scott (again) while Dorinda dealt with some shade from Ramona at the Angel Ball. At the same time, Tinsley prepared for her hosting gig as the Ringmaster in the Big Apple Circus. But, would it trigger too many memories of her childhood and her father?

We officially lost two New York men last week: Tinsley’s boyfriend, Scott Kluth and Bethenny’s longtime driver and confidante, Kevin. I think we took losing Kevin the hardest. He was noticeably absent as Bethenny headed to court, chauffeured by new driver/bodyguard, Albie to face off with ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, seemingly determined to make her life a living hell. We know he has been accused of stalking and now he has made drug allegations against Frankel since Dennis died of a drug overdose and was a prominent figure in their daughter, Bryn’s life. What we learned is one of the big companies Bethenny works with had her sign an agreement she would not get into any illegal trouble or she would be dropped and essentially lose everything. Being dropped off at the courthouse, she was immediately greeted by paparazzi but she had Albie to accompany her in. Though it was draining, all Jason wanted was thrown out by the judge. It also turns out someone wants to purchase the SkinnyGirl brand and there is just so much going on within other aspects of her life: her crisis relief efforts, her custody issues; it is all just too much so she calls the President of her company to see if he can start looking into their options for selling. But, B will still be heavily involved, just an FYI.

Product placement is everything on this show and they take this opportunity to promote the Anne Hathaway/Rebel Wilson film “The Hustle.” Apparently, Dorinda and Sonja are now very close so when Dorinda got advanced tickets to a screening of the movie, she decided the best date would be Lady Morgan. They talk about how much alike they are to the characters then compare their friends (Ramona and Tinsley) to them, as well as they drinks cocktails and have a nosh. It is the most ridiculous and staged placement I have ever seen followed by a commercial for said movie. While they are eating and movie watching, Luann went to play tennis with a new-faced, sorry, fresh-faced Jill Zarin, who has brought her dog along. She shares she is dating someone and is very happy, has seen a psychic who says her late husband, Bobby would not want her to be alone, and she is proud of Luann. They have come a long way since the series began and they would play tennis in the Hamptons.

Tinsley has her big circus debut coming up so, of course, her mom, Dale is in town. They are talking about the break up with Scott and how he has contacted Tinsley since she called it quits and he was apparently planning on buying a ring for her. He even sent the messages he exchanged with a jeweler. Dale points out that there was no ring, regardless of how many texts he sent her. Tins did send his car back to Chicago and it seems he only liked her when she was dependent on him and not when she finally had her life back together. Her mom believes she never truly forgave her father whereas Dale and younger sister, Dabney have. Barbara takes Ramona up on her offer to go shopping so they meet with a stylist and pick out a bunch of new clothes and looks for Babs. It is pointed out to Ramona her delivery is quite harsh and it makes her think of how rough her dad was. Finally, she says she needs to reevaluate how she speaks to people. Yeah, we have been saying this for 11 years now. I highly doubt she will change but at least she and Barbara are finally getting along.

It is time for the Halloween shoot for the big holiday show for Luann’s cabaret, which will also feature Sonja. This will be huge and they are both decked out as sexy nurses with dancers and such. It will be a big night so the promo video has to blow everyone away with the choreography and costumes. Luann just cannot believe how far she has come with her show but she seems to be trying to convince herself she does not need to drink. Whatever works. It is time for Tinsley to get ready for her performance and she is nerves galore but she is so adorable, she is made for this. She has this poofy dress and big bow, covered in glitter but her mic keeps falling so this gives her anxiety. Fortunately, there is wine. In the audience are Dale, Dorinda, Sonja, and Ramona for support as well as other friends so she soon descends and welcomes everyone to the show. Of course, Dorinda has to do her own audition in her confessional but Tinsley was absolutely adorable.

After, she joins everyone in the audience where there is more alcohol but much kudos. Ramona leaves early for a date, which hurts Tins but this is just who she is. Sonja gets super drunk and then is pulled on stage and steals the show, making Tinsley super insecure. But, Sonja has done her own caberlesque show so this is her wheelhouse and she never cares what people think or say. Tins, on the other hand, has class. When it is all over, Tinsley breaks down to her mom, saying how miserable she is, how upset she is Scott could not even make the effort to show up for the circus, and she has so many emotions. I think this flashed her back to her father and unresolved emotions and just wanting a strong man there for her. She said she never feels like she is good enough for her mom but Dale says it all goes back to Scott. They embrace and Dale reminds her she will always be her little girl.

Next week, it is time for Halloween but not everyone is happy with Luann and her Countess ways! Plus, Dorinda moves into her new home and her daughter is anything but a fan. You can catch it on Bravo every Wednesday night at 9pm.

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