Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 12- The Morning After!

Previously On RHOBH, the ladies attended a Culture Club concert as Dorit’s guest. But, it was PK who made it a very uncomfortable evening and ended it on a very sour note.

Erika is back in town for a brief time from her tour so she and Rinna are going to a gym called Merge. Their relationship has had many ups and downs but they have been able to build upon it because of the fact they are both hustlers and Erika respects Rinna can admit her faults. Once they get to the gym, their biggest concern is will the workouts affect their Botox. How Beverly Hills can they be? Over with LVP, she and Ken are checking out details for their kitchen renovation as it keeps getting pricier. They want to keep in the 300K range but this may not be feasible. They are outside looking at slabs and their puppy, Harrison is looking to pee on pieces so LVP says whatever one he pees on is the perfect choice. LVP tells Ken that PK has phoned her; we know PK and Ken chatted on the last episode and he wants to reconcile with them but with PK comes Dorit and there is still some bad blood there. They have not seen her since Denise’s wedding so it has been awhile and the whole Radar Online issue has occurred and lingered.

Dorit is at her new Beverly Beach office when PK comes in and says they will have lunch with LVP and Ken and she still is unsure of all of it though she does love her friends. She does let him know his comment he made towards Kyle at the concert about not getting along with LVP, even if it was a joke, offended her. He says he loves Kyle and has no problem apologizing. Teddi and Kyle are together and Kyle says she is hurt no one has contacted her since the concert but they are busy planning a camping trip involving an RV. Will this be successful? Probably not but they are willing to give it a try. Teddi still feels like a failure after she hosted the pot luck at her beach home last year but oh well. Denise and Camille meet for lunch and are talking about Camille’s upcoming wedding, blending families, and raising teens.

Camille did not want a big wedding but it was her fiance’s idea so she is going for it. She and Denise have known each other since she was married to Kelsey so they have exchanged Hollywood marriage war stories. Denise asks about the concert, realizes she needs to order a drink, and sits back to enjoy the details of the night. Camille won’t shut up about everyone and now she is fearful she will be the next person Camille will be talking smack about. Denise really likes all of these ladies and does not want to tell them what has been said but it seems like Camille has diarrhea of the mouth and now they have this RV trip. We are watching everyone’s morning routine and Kyle says they practice attachment parenting meaning Portia, at 10, still sleeps with her and Mauricio. Over at Denise’s, she and Aaron have their own special time in the early mornings and then they take care of the three girls, which Aaron has become really great at. Kyle admits her world revolves around her kids, which she is fine with and she caters to her daughter. But, she only has one left at home so she is savoring the moments.

On the way to LVP’s, Dorit says she is still struggling and has to be true to herself in all of this and that is completely understandable. You cannot have a friendship based on lies. The whole vibe is cold and you can literally feel a chill through the television. LVP brings up Radar and then TMZ comes up but Dorit wants to know why she did not call her first as opposed to the press. It is so hard for Dorit to believe LVP was completely innocent in the whole Radar situation. Maybe it wasn’t LVP specifically but it was someone in her camp, I believe but for LVP and Ken, unless PK and Dorit will believe what the couple has to say, there can be no friendship. It’s very cut and dry, black and white. Dorit is trying to say maybe it happened but they can still be friends and PK agrees it is not worth throwing away a friendship at all. PK agrees someone in the LVP camp leaked the story, that is what he believes and he says he does not control his wife, he is willing to forgive. The Vanderpump/Todd’s say they want to remain friends with PK but are done with Dorit and they get up and are done. Dorit walks back in to tell LVP she still loves her and wants to move forward but LVP is just being cold at this point.

They flash to when Dorit hurt LVP and she apologized repeatedly and was forgiven but it does not work the other way. LVP refers to Dorit as a “cow” and the friendship is dunzo. Sophia is home from college so the family can do their holiday cards and Kyle is over the moon to have everyone back together again. She knows she will never have a complete empty nest as long as she has Mauricio around but it is great for her to have her kids. As they are prepping for the annual family photo, one of their pups escapes as the gate opens and Kyle immediately leaps after it, barefoot like a pro and grabs it by the collar. We cannot handle anymore puppy drama this season.

Next week, we learn Dorit has a knack for beer pong, explore Teddi’s RV, and head out for a new adventure which is bound to be filled with trial and error. You can catch it Tuesday nights on Bravo at 9pm.

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