The Amazing Race 31 Recap: Episode 3 – Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

Tonight on The Amazing Race season 31, the teams will travel to Vietnam where they will learn how to do synchronized dancing, karaoke, and fishing for prawns! Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Amazing Race 31 and if you missed last week’s episode, make sure you check out our Amazing Race live recap right here to get all caught up!

We started this episode of Amazing Race off with Leo and Jamal getting the next clue that leads them to Vietnam! Korey and Tyler are approached by Becca and Floyd and they offer a peace offering for U-Turning them. Rachel and Elissa came over and did the same thing, but I don’t think that it will smooth things over. Moments later, Rachel and Elissa make an alliance with the other Big Brother teams there and they all agree not to U-Turn them if given the opportunity.

Colin and Christie are the first ones to get their Detour. They will have to either catch prawns or do synchronized dancing for this challenge. Becca and Floyd, Korey and Tyler and a couple other teams get their Detour clue shortly after. On their way out, Leo and Jamal try to trick Corinne and Eliza and tell them they are in the wrong place. They don’t fall for it and also get their clue.

All the teams are starting to show up at the dance or fishing challenges. Becca and Floyd is the first team to try their dance routine and Floyd is so excited to find out that he is wearing a light-up suit. Becca and Floyd finish the Detour first and head to their Roadblock challenge where they will be performing Vietnamese karaoke! Corinne and Eliza make it to the fishing challenge and they are both having a hard time with being patient. Bret and Chris are at the dancing challenge, but having a real hard time trying to get it. Colin and Christie is the second team to finish their Detour and Nicole and Victor are right behind them.

Floyd and Becca make it to the karaoke challenge where Floyd is going to take a chance at remembering the words and rhythm to this song. Chris and Bret decide after one attempt at the dance routine that they were going to go fishing instead. Meanwhile, Eliza and Corinne have finished the challenge and are heading to karaoke! Chris and Bret make it to the fishing challenge while Korey and Tyler are working on finishing it up, they only need one more. Moments later, Tyler catches one and they get their next clue!

Becca and Floyd are the first to finish the Roadblock and are heading to meet Phil at the pit stop! A lot of the teams are still finishing up their first challenge, Leo and Jamal are having a hard time with the dancing challenge now that exhaustion is kicking in. They do finish the challenge as Victor and Nicole finish the karaoke challenge and head to the Pit Stop. As the other teams finish up their challenges, some teams are arriving at the Pit Stop. Here is the order they finish this leg of the race:

  1. Becca & Floyd (a trip for two to the Bahamas!)
  2. Nicole & Victor
  3. Christie & Colin
  4. Tyler & Korey
  5. Corinne & Eliza
  6. Janelle & Britney
  7. Rachel & Elissa
  8. Leo & Jamal
  9. Chris & Bret

Even though Chris and Bret came in last, this is a non-elimination leg, but they will have to complete a Speed Bump challenge at some point in the season.

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