Survivor Live Recap: Season 38 Episode 12 – Awkward

Tonight on Survivor: Edge of Extinction season 38, the castaways will get a visit from their loved ones! Also on Survivor, one castaway will get caught looking through another castaway’s personal belongings. Keep refreshing this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor and if you missed last week’s episode, make sure you catch up right here with our Survivor: Edge of Extinction live recap!

We started tonight’s episode of Survivor off with everyone reacting to Wardog being voted out. Ron tries to gain trust with Rick by giving him an advantage that he got on day one off the boat. Problem is, Rick doesn’t know that it’s been expired for weeks now.

Onto the Reward Challenge of the night! First, the castaways get a visit from their loved ones! Rick’s wife, Becca. Julie’s husband, Mark. Lauren’s dad, Joey. Ron’s husband, Lloyd. Victoria’s father, Rod. Aurora’s brother, Shane. Gavin’s wife, Carly is there and they got married two days before Survivor started. The castaways and their loved ones will be competing together in this challenge. The castaway will run and fill their bucket up with water and then throw the water to their loved one, they will try to catch the water to fill another bucket. When their bucket is filled, a flag will raise and they will get a fried chicken dinner with their loved one! The first team to fill their bucket is Ron and Lloyd! They get to bring two pairs with them and Ron chooses Julie and her husband and Gavin and Carly.

The family visit goes well. Gavin gets to have some time with his newlywed wife and Ron talks to his husband about how he is running the game. Llyod tells him to do what he has to do. Back at camp, Rick is looking for an idol and Aurora and the others were going through Rick’s bag. He comes back and catches Aurora closing his bag. Aurora doesn’t even try to hide that she did it and Rick makes sure to let everyone from the family visit know that she did this. A little later, Rick finds a clue to a hidden immunity idol, but it’s in a tree over their shelter which means it’s going to be hard to get without anyone seeing.

While everyone is sleeping, Rick decides that he is going to climb this really tall tree for the idol. He wakes up a couple of the castaways, but no one really notices what’s going on. They go back to sleep and Rick finds the idol.

It is time for the Immunity Challenge! The castaways will use their hands and feet to hold themselves between two walls. The last one standing will win immunity! Rick is the first one down, Ron is the second one down, Victoria is third down and Julie is right after her. Aurora is down, leaving Lauren and Gavin the last two standing. Lauren slips and Gavin wins his second individual Immunity Challenge.

After the challenge, Rick is the name in everyone’s mouth. If Rick plays his idol, it sounds like Aurora will be the target, but Ron’s name is also being mentioned. Aurora tells Lauren and Victoria about her extra vote and she tells them that she is going to give Gavin her extra vote in the event of there being a tie between Rick and her. Lauren goes to talk to Gavin about the vote, but Gavin isn’t sure he wants to turn his back on Ron after he picked him for the family visit. Aurora does give Gavin her extra vote, but will he risk his relationship with Lauren and Victoria and vote Aurora out over Ron? We are about to find out!

During Tribal Council, they talk about Aurora going through Rick’s bag, the loved one challenge and who Ron picked to go and how social games will get the castaways to the next step in the game. The votes are in and have been tallied! Before Jeff reads them, he asks if anyone would like to play an idol. Rick plays the advantage that Ron gave him, that has expired. Rick is not happy about this at all, but pulls out his new idol and plays it for himself. The votes for Rick will not count.

The votes are:

  1. Rick
  2. Rick
  3. Rick
  4. Rick
  5. Aurora
  6. Ron
  7. Ron
  8. Ron

With three votes, Ron is voted out! He heads to the Edge of Extinction to try and earn a chance to come back into the game!

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