‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Dimitri Snowden’s Secret Past!

Everyone was shocked to learn Vanessa Cobbs had left the Snowden family at the end of the season two Seeking Sister Wife Tell-All. They seemed so happy during their wedding special, even taking on all of the naysayers, family, and friends, determined to make it work, regardless of what people thought about their odd relationship. So, when we saw the little addendum in the final seconds revealing Vanessa had chosen to leave the family, fans were blown away. Along with that, we searched for answers from Ashley and Dimitri Snowden. Dimitri said he was grieving and posted a photo of both Cobbs’ ring and engagement anklet, which presumably she left behind. This leaves the door open for the couple to start their search all over again, for a third season. What has struck many as odd is Ashley and Dimitri are not legally married but rather have a spiritual marriage, going on nine years now. They want to build a tribe together and it seems spiritual was the best option for them and their lifestyle. But, it has now been discovered spiritual may have been the only choice as Dimitri was immersed in another life prior to meeting Ashley.

Radar Online uncovered legal papers showing Dimitri was legally married to a woman named Musawenkosi Ndlovu from 2003 until the dissolution in 2011. If this is true, it would mean he and Ashley would have been courting while he was still legally married so they would not have been able to get married anyway. Therefore, spiritual would have been the only way to go. He also used to say he and Ashley were looking for a second wife for nine years so this would mean they were searching when he was still wed. Dimitri has yet to comment if this is actually him in the proceedings but, after what we saw in on the show, I would not put anything past him. He slept with a woman on the first date season one, ruining the courtship and season two, he and Ashley made Vanessa endure some crazy stuff in order to be a part of the family (pH diet, vag steaming, nannying). What is next for the family? Only time will tell. Are you shocked Dimitri may have been married prior to Ashley? Let us know!

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