Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 20 Recap!

Previously On Mom, Bonnie had to adjust to being spoiled financially by Adam while Christy saw Tammy being put at risk by new love, Urie. You can stay updated with the season right here.

A big part of AA is making amends with the people you have wronged in your past. Marjory had been taking Tammy around to do just that and her next stop is visiting her foster mother. She asks Bonnie what is was like she made amends with their foster mother and she proceeds to make up an elaborate story so they all know she has yet to do the deed. Bonnie and Tammy agree to go make amends together despite somewhat of a reluctance from Bonnie. The night they go, Marjory and Wendy are headed to a senior citizens play, leaving Jill and Christy to finish cleaning up after the meeting. They are approached by two men from the meeting who would like to take them out and have wanted to for some time but were scared of Marjory. Because they have no other plans, they agree to go; well, Christy agrees for both of them.

In the car, Jill gets all pretty because, even though she does not want to go, she still wants to look good for their “date.” As for Bonnie and Tammy, they are having flashbacks as they enter their childhood foster home. Bonnie decides to check the mail to ensure the same owners are there and steals a Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon because she needs towels. Their foster mother is thrilled to see Tammy but not so much Bonnie. She gushes about Tammy and still uses a potholder she made when she was younger. They learn their foster dad passed a decade ago and she accepts Tammy’s amends with a giant hug. Bonnie, not so much, even when she makes a bunch of confessions and shares how her life has turned out. She cannot understand what she did that was so wrong to make her foster mother hate her like this where she cannot even accept her amends.

Jill and Christy are waiting for their dates at a diner and are starting to get the feeling they have been stood up and are really mad. They did not even like these guys very much and here they are, stuck waiting. They decide to just enjoy the night together and order onion rings, eating like no one is watching. Jill tells Christy to dip her onion rings in all three of the sauces, something her security guard Andy taught her and Christy’s mind is blown by how good it is. Jill confesses she really did care about him; we all do and thought they were great together and it is sad they are not together. As the girls get up to go to a movie and continue their girls night out, the guys walk in. They apologize for being late and Christy and Jill act like it is no big deal, even though a few seconds ago they said they would not go out with them if they were still drinking.

Bonnie and Tammy’s foster mom is making hot cocoa for Tammy so Bonnie decides to go speak with her to find out why she hates her so much. Bonnie says this was her ninth foster family and she had been through hell prior to coming there. In her eyes, this was Tammy’s first foster home so she has less compassion and this is when their foster mom shares the truth, assuming Bonnie already knew it: Tammy’s father killed her mother. It was something she never talked about and she only knew about it from the social worker so she felt she had to be more fragile with Tammy. Now, Bonnie really understands the logic and everything is seemingly rectified. Christy and Jill left their date after 27 minutes with Jill faking a migraine but they soon get pulled over by none other than Andy. Christy exits the vehicle to allow him to talk to Jill. They realize they both messed up (Jill confessed earlier he was the first guy to not make her think of her ex) and he says he should not have ignored her texts, calls, and Edible Arrangement. Christy gets on his police megaphone and tells them to just kiss and to let her go with a warning.

Andy and Jill finally share a kiss and there is some hope they will end up together like they should. On the way home from their foster mom’s home, Bonnie tells Tammy she is always there for her no matter what and Tammy realizes she knows what happened with her father and mother. She does not want to talk about it but she is happy they are sisters in their own way as she holds a photo of them as kids. Back at home, Bonnie wakes up and catches the guy Christy was on the diner date with doing the walk of shame. She says hi and he leaves when Christy comes downstairs. She tells her mom they cannot go to the Tuesday meetings anymore.

Next week, Christy struggles with her new law firm job and Bonnie’s therapist tries to help her with procrastination. You can watch it Thursday nights on CBS at 9pm.

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