Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Episode 8 Recap!

Previously On RHONY, a dinner party at Bethenny’s house went awry and caused Tinsley to reevaluate her relationship with Scott. At the same time, we got to meet a ghost from Bethenny’s relationships past as she dealt with her current situation. Check it all out right here!

Last week, Tinsley got candid with Luann about her late father and his struggle with alcoholism so it was only fitting they attending an ALANON meeting together this week. Luann has a history of alcoholism in her family, as well so she felt she could benefit from the stories shared at a meeting. While the two are trying to fix their pasts, Bethenny is soliciting Sonja on a street corner, shouting “hey hooker” to get her into her car. They are on their way to see some sort of artist Sonja has known for years, or since she had money, and is excited to share it with Bethenny. But, what shocks viewers the most is the fact Kevin is NOT the driver. He’s a Bethenny Frankel institution so it became the main focus of the episode for all fans on social media when she had a new driver. Forget artist, Hunt Slonem- we want Kevin and we want him now. They end up at Hunt’s studio where he has framed photos of a young studio and even a young Tinsley, back in her socialite days and it validates all of the stories she has told of her “past life.” It’s a real circus of a studio and speaking of the circus…

Tinsley will be the ringmaster for the Big Apple Circus, which she always went to growing up so she and Dorinda attend rehearsals. They both end up attempting the flying trapeze and I give them a lot of credit because this is something I could never ever do in my life. While they are overcoming my greatest fears, Luann, Ramona, and Sonja are out at the Upper East Side and guess who shows up? Mario Singer. Even though I though the Countess hated him for calling her “Countless,” she seems rather welcoming when he is there and he comes with goodies. True Faith t-shirts from their jewelry company (whatever happened to that?), Turtle Time wine beads; it is a treasure trove of housewives nostalgia. Mario apparently came home with Ramona but only to walk the dog and try her new anti-aging skin cream. Uh-huh, sure. No one believes this though he feels there should be a seven-year rule to marriage where it is reevaluated every seven years and then you decide if you want to stay in or out. Like Gretchen Rossi with her idea of a lease on marriage.

It is now time for a spa day at Dorinda’s, which of course a few of the ladies have already made plans in lieu of, so they will be leaving early. At the party, Dorinda shares she will be moving shortly after finding the new apartment of her dreams so congrats to her. She is hurt over two things: that people knew she set up this spa day and could not make accommodations to stay for the duration and Ramona’s deplorable behavior at the Angel Ball. The two went together and were supposed to sit at the same table but Ramona saw the table next to hers was clearly better for social climbing so she made sure to climb there, ditching her longtime friend. She made up every excuse in the book and blamed every single person under the sun, basically ensuring she will never be invited again. In the end, the reunion will show what a catty and bad friend Ramona truly is but this is something we have always known about her so no surprise. The fight went on for way too long about the Angel Ball when we all know she was lying and we would never get the truth; I just want Dorinda’s reaction to the footage because Ramona always says “I don’t lie.” Uh-huh.

It is at Dorinda’s where Tinsley reveals she and Scott broke up. After the dinner at Bethenny’s, she phoned Scott and basically asked him to come to New York. He said no and it was over. Though she was holding it together really well, she said it was pretty hard on her. Sonja was shocked as were many of the ladies but Bethenny wanted to put on her “I Know It All” crown. Barbara and Ramona ended up talking face-to-face after Ramona learned Babs shared she did not like to OG housewife during the Bethenny dinner party. Ramona made some snarky remark about Barbara’s penchant for wrap dresses, they agreed to let it go, and are attempting to move on for now. We shall see how that goes. And it is now the mid-season trailer which shows Bethenny going at Luann over her cabaret show, Tinsley breaking down, and so much more. You can catch the show every Wednesday night at 9pm on Bravo.

*As for Kevin, Bethenny shared she still loves him but he wanted to slow down and she needed a driver and a security guard. Welp, we miss Kevin!

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