Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 11- The Morning After!

Previously On RHOBH, LVP did not show up for Camille’s bridal shower and things got heated over politics at a dinner for Rinna’s mother, Lois. There was also a run-in with Kim Richards but Rinna made sure to avoid her while we learned even more about her super cool and strong mama!

Let’s be real; this could be the most boring franchise for all of the housewives. I watched it last night, fully immersed into the show and this morning, could only remember Dorit’s hairstyle at the Boy George concert. That is really sad when you devote a whole hour to a show then completely forget any of the details but here we go. Denise is having a really great life so far with new husband, Aaron and she just does not want to repeat any of the mistakes she made with first husband, Charlie Sheen. She feels it was rough for daughters, Sami and Lola as they were growing up but she also tried to shield them a lot from all of the bad stuff that was happening. She is also struggling with the fact that Sami, 14 has been asked to homecoming. Her dad said if she felt the boy who asked her was worth it, she could go with him but it is really weird for Denise to know she will be 18 in just four years. Two girls who still have their youth are Portia and Slate, Kyle and Teddi’s daughters. They have been recruited to do some modeling since Portia, 10 has a knack for makeup and really wants to be a YouTube star. Kyle says she is supportive of whatever he daughter wants to do while this is a whole new world for Slate as Teddi always claims she is not super girlie. We flash to teenage Teddi who was almost goth and dyed her hair eggplant, something her mom never understood. The girls have a great time and truly, Portia is a natural at this.

Denise is meeting LVP for lunch and LVP brings her fancy wedding gifts, which is so sweet but Denise is not there to sugar coat anything. She feels the relationships can be saved because the women do miss and love her. Denise does listen to what her new friend has to say and her side of the story, how she swore on her children, and it looks like even a 300K kitchen renovation cannot save this friendship. LVP lets Denise know she does not have to defend her and she lets her know she’s not. All she was trying to do was mend some fences but hey, looks like Lisa is on her own. I just hope Eloise can still go see the little horses! Erika is back from some of her shows and it is so wildly popular, they had to add more. Luckily, she came back at the right time because Dorit has invited all of the ladies to go see Culture Club at the Greek. Because seeing him at PK’s birthday (twice) just was not enough. Dorit is at Kyle’s and they are sitting outside chatting and it should not be lost on anyone how all of Kyle’s dogs are harassing them and Dorit looks utterly uncomfortable.

Time to go to the Greek and the ladies meet at Teddi’s and her kids do not want her to leave so she calls upon her husband to help. They all leave and are on their way to VIP la la land, which they should be no strangers to, especially Teddi, whose father is John Mellencamp. They are escorted to Boy George’s dressing room and everyone is thrilled to see him, especially Kyle who brags about meeting him on ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ It is noted LVP is not there and he chimes in how he did not invite her, clearly because he knows his bestie is having a tiff with her so he knows girl code. Camille, however, is there though I do not know why and feel like she is just useless at this point. They are alerted that Billy Idol is also in attendance so PK goes to get him which is like every teenage girl’s dream. Rinna is living her fantasy right now and we are here for it. China Chow joins him and Teddi shares how she was a hostess at her dad’s restaurant, which China gets a kick out of. They all take photos and then it is time for everyone to take their places.

During all of this, PK shares with Dorit he called Ken because they have been friends for a very long time and he does not understand why they cannot just sit down and have a chat. Ken said he would speak with LVP but it almost seems he is scared of his own wife. This is a happy revelation because Ken and PK should not have to suffer because of their wives but maybe they can all come to an understanding or whatever. The show begins and the women have prime seating though, aside from LVP not in attendance, Denise passed because it was family night. She chats with Aaron about how it has come out that Charlie wants to cut his child support but wishes they had done it behind closed doors. She also reveals they did not have a pre-nup so she was entitled to half of all of her exes money but did not take it because she is not a greedy person. Looking back, she wishes she had because she would have put it in a savings and he would not be broke now.

There are drinks flowing and the ladies are dancing like there is no tomorrow with Kyle shaking her tailfeather. Erika has to leave early for her tour but they all have an amazing time and George is waiting for them backstage. As they are there, something about issues comes up and PK says to Kyle maybe she is the one with issues as she is not even talking to her best friend. Kyle is livid! Though PK tries to say it is British humor, it is not taken as that and it puts a damper on the whole night. The ladies vent outside while waiting for Dorit who says she feels the same as Kyle; she is not talking to LVP either. Teddi tries to add her two cents which is as well received as PK’s joke and she, Rinna, and Camille end up on the sidelines. This was a night that was supposed to be magic and it just turned lame. Next week, the Kemsley’s meet with the Vanderpump-Todd’s, Camille and Teddi go at it, and Kyle’s daughter comes home for a visit while their dog tries to escape. I would, too. You can catch the show Tuesday night at 9pm on Bravo.

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