Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Episode 7 Recap!

Previously On RHONY, it was Halloween in the Berkshires and there was a battle over the fish room that no one wanted to sleep in. But, we ended with a drunk Sonja flipping out over Dorinda touching the sacred Morgan letters when they went on a house tour earlier in the day. It was a hot mess, as per usual.

Bethenny took it upon herself to try and calm Sonja down as she was flying off the handle over these letters which probably were replicas. It was a scary sight and she looked like she was going to fly across the table and attack. Ramona tried to tell her they were not originals but everyone needed to not speak to her and just let Bethenny be Mother Theresa for the time being. In the kitchen, the Bear Naked Chef was whipping up a meal for the ladies and Ramona obviously felt compelled to join because she ended up changing into a negligee. She is really feeling herself this season and Bethenny says she wants come back in her next life as Ramona. Yeah, she might be the only one. After dinner, it turns into full on insanity with humping Christmas decorations and cocktailing, which Luann cannot partake in but she says it is like watching a 3D movie without the glasses. Bethenny usually goes to bed when this happens but she needed to laugh and have fun. They all did but Barbara was a dud who never unpacked and was ready to leave when the sun broke through. Berkshires weekend over…sort of.

Bethenny and Dorinda went for a walk and Bethenny shares how she was in Boston visiting her new man (literally, she came from Boston to the Berkshires) and was in the hotel elevator when she found a note on the hotel paper. It said how amazing she looked, which she admits she looked great that evening, and was signed “D.” I think we all would have taken this sign much more sympathetically had she not, like Ramona, been feeling herself so much. Furthermore, she wants us to support her moving on but she is always about Dennis so as she always says, pick a lane. Are we going to mourn Dennis with her or are we going to move on with her? She knows Dorinda believes in signs and has been through a devastating loss so she feels comfortable sharing this with her. Back in New York, Bethenny is going through old cards from Dennis and sees the photo from the night they got engaged. More on her love life in a little.

Sonja, Ramona, and Lu meet to get their hair done and it comes up about Bethenny and the whole Berkshires bedroom situation. Lu starts to mock Bethenny and it shows how ungrateful she is for her friends helping her when she was making horrible decisions in her life and they stepped up to get her a room in rehab and stage an intervention. Oh well. She ends up meeting Tinsley for lunch where Tins is candid about her dad being an alcoholic and how this really traumatized her and how she has not really been around someone who has been in rehab like this. They go back and forth with their conversation and soon, Tinsley reveals she is hosting the circus. Her life is more balanced again. When Lu got arrested, Tinsley’s mugshot became popular again, which was very hard but now she has a publicist and she is proving to be in demand and an asset. If she can survive the housewives circus, she can host the Big Apple.

It is time for a dinner at Bethenny’s and, of course, we get to learn about another one of her loves. It is the Bethenny Love Connection hour every week. She is getting her hair and make up done when she shares the very handsome man who owns the party planning/catering company is Russ, a guy she was very much in love with a few summers ago but Dennis came back and begged for her love. He usually never accompanies his staff but he just happens to be here this evening and she had just gotten some sort of facial and looked like hell when she arrived home. She was able to hug him and escort him out looking hot to trot. At her party, they decide to play truth or dare, a game which Ramona does not know the rules behind. B ends up making out with Barbara which causes much jealousy for Sonja, Dorinda attempts and fails at phone sex with John, Barbara is a pot stirrer, and we learn Tinsley is in a very controlling relationship with Scott.

On the next episode, it is over between Scott and Tinsley. Thank god because she can do so much better! Oh and Mario is back! You can catch it Wednesday night at 9pm on Bravo!

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