Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 19 Recap!

Previously On Mom, Bonnie learned how to be the mom she never was when Christy comes down with a horrible stomach bug. But, it is not all it is cracked up to be as you can read right here.

Tammy is still hot and heavy with Urie and she tells Christy she would love to set her up with his cousin and roomie, Sergei. Without hesitation, Christy accepts. Someone who is hesitating from the beginning of the episode is Bonnie as she is shocked when she opens her fridge to find it fully stocked as well as the cabinets and cupboards filled with food. Turns out the bar is doing really well so Adam actually wanted to have things to eat when he closed up shop and arrived home at 2am. Bonnie even brings bananas to the women at the Bistro as well as a sandwich because she does not want anything to spoil.

Things are going great for the double date Tammy has set up and Christy bonds with Sergei over their love for “Law and Order.” He can even cook so it looks like a match made in heaven. That is until there is a knock at the door and Christy hears Sergei arguing with two men and flat screen televisions coming into the apartment. She realizes there is some serious dirty dealing going on in the home and since Tammy is on parole, this is not a place she should be in. She invites Tammy to meet her at the Bistro to chat where Tammy presents her with an iWatch from Sergei and though she wants to keep it, she knows it was stolen. She tries to let Tammy know what is going on at Urie and Sergei’s and how this could be detrimental to her safety; it could land her back in jail.

Adam takes Bonnie on a drive and she can’t help but notice how he bought a new hat. She does not like how he is being frivolous with his money and it is about to get even worse- he bought her a car. They end up at the dealership Christy’s ex-husband, Baxter works at and he worked out a great deal for them but Bonnie thinks it is excessive and they are now locked in for 72 months. Adam reminds her they are getting married and that is life but she says he can get out of that but this is a real commitment. She storms out and Adam gets high with Baxter. Since Tammy won’t do anything about Urie, Christy goes to speak with him in an attempt to make him understand what danger he is putting her in. She also returns the watch and says Sergei can call her because she is not on parole.

Later on, outside of the AA meeting, Tammy is fuming. Urie broke up with her because he cannot betray family. She said she will share about what Christy did to her but I think everyone would agree Christy did the absolute right thing for her friend. As for Bonnie, the car comes home to her but she returns it to Baxter and has a heart-to-heart with him as he went from rags to riches. Her fear is that it will all be taken away but he tells her to just enjoy it while she has it. Why not? Christy agreed with this ideology prior to her returning the car as Adam referred to her as family. In the end, Bonnie ended up upgrading the car and they go cruising, singing away with Christy watching “Minions” in the backseat.

On the next episode, Bonnie and Tammy go visit their foster mother. You can catch it Thursday nights at 9pm on CBS.

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