The Amazing Race Live Recap: Season 31 Premiere – You’re in Our Race Now

The wait is finally over! The Amazing Race season 31 is finally here and tonight we will watch as 11 teams compete in The Amazing Race! The teams will race around the world and compete for a grand prize of $1 million. All the teams consist of former racers, castaways and houseguests from The Amazing Race, Survivor and Big Brother.

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We start tonight’s premiere of The Amazing Race off with the 11 teams digging through a mound of sand looking for a clue on where they are heading next. The teams start finding them and they are heading to Tokyo, Japan! As the teams head to the airport, we get to know some of the teams. Art and JJ are starting off in a rough spot, dead last.

The teams start to get to Tokyo and they have to go to one of two places for their next clue. There are limited numbers of clues at each of the two stops though, so it’s important that the teams get there fast!

The first team with a clue are Laura and Rupert and the clue tells them to head to the edge of Shibuya, which is the name of a building in the center of the biggest commercial area of Tokyo. Leo and Jamal are the first ones to find the place where they have to find shoes that aren’t really shoes, but chocolate replicas. Colin and Christy make it there and Christy starts looking for their team while Jamal is trying for their team. They then have to eat the chocolate replica for their next shoe. Jamal is the first, Janelle and Britney join in the search and they find it on their first try.

The next clue leads them to Mt. Fuji, well not the Mt. Fuji, but a very slippery replica that they have to climb in a unitard. Rupert and Laura and a few other teams are still having a hard time finding the building with the shoes.

Back at the Mt. Fuji replica, Jamal and Leo have made it to the top for their clue and are on their way to the first pit stop of the season! Christy and Colin are right behind them. More teams are making their way to the Mt Fuji challenge while some teams are getting to the pit stop already!

Leo and Jamal are the first to get to the pit stop and they won a five-night cruise! Colin and Christy are team two, Tyler and Korey are team three and Rachel and Elissa are team four to reach the Pit Stop. Becca and Floyd make it in fifth. Nicole and Victor are sixth, Chris and Bret made it in seventh. Janelle and Britney are in eighth, Corrine and Eliza make it in ninth.

Meanwhile, Art gets really hurt on the Mt. Fuji challenge and Rupert and Laura are still lost. Art had a really bad cramp in his foot. Art and JJ took a four-hour penalty because they couldn’t do the challenge. Rupert and Laura finally made it to the challenge and Rupert was the one who decided to climb. He makes it to the top, which means that Art and JJ are going to be last this week. Rupert and Laura make it in tenth to the Pit Stop and Art and JJ are eliminated from The Amazing Race.

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