Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 10- The Morning After!

Previously On RHOBH, LVP decided she was going to redo her entire kitchen, adding it had bad karma in it after her fight with Kyle. She also did not have any of the women, including Dorit and longtime friend, PK at her birthday soiree but did invite Denise who could not stay as she had her own cocktail hour to attend in honor of her wedding, thrown by the ladies. Will it ever be resolved?

Denise has found a new and good friend in Dorit, which seems insane to me. She thinks she is just a kind person with such glamour and a great energy and I am like “what?” Denise does reveal she would share things with friends just to see who would leak it and this is why she stays in such a bubble. The renovations for LVP’s kitchen are heavy underway and she cannot find a thing and apparently this includes the invite to Camille’s bridal luncheon, thrown by Kyle. It should have been a joyous day but obviously the women were fixated on where LVP could be and why she could not have least made an effort to join the event. Rinna is tired of everyone being passive aggressive towards LVP and wishes they would stop being so scared of her and just say they are mad. Camille wants to write a sweet text saying she was missed at the luncheon, urged by Kyle but Rinna thinks it’s crap. Erika could not attend these events as she is rehearsing for her tour.

Rinna’s mom, Lois is in town and everyone loves her. She is 90 and on her game. Rinna and her two daughters take Lois to a vitamin spa where they get vitamin IV’s, something Lois just stares and watches. She does not want any of the treatments as she has never treated herself to as much as a massage but the girls go crazy with everything. Rinna admits it could all be bull but if it is trendy, she is buying it. She also notes she cannot get hubby, Harry away from the television because this is during the time of the Kavanaugh hearings and this captivated the world, as you probably remember. She supports Dr. Ford and understands why Harry is so glued to the tv; we all were. Later that night, all of the ladies, again sans LVP, meet up for a dinner to celebrate Lois because they all love when she comes to town. Kyle asks Camille if she texted LVP about the bridal luncheon and she says she did and LVP’s response was she was not invited. This shook Kyle but what really shook her was Camille’s response as if she believed what LVP had to say even though she knew Kyle had invited her because Kyle had the texts. Dorit then shares she hung out with Kathy Hilton the night before which is great because the sisters are all getting along now that Kyle’s show has been axed.

The dinner is going well until they ask where Harry is and Rinna shares he is still glued to the television. Many of the women seemingly side with Dr. Ford, even with subtle gestures but it is Camille who says she is on Kavanugh’s side. She was assaulted, as well but she told people and she does not get why Dr. Ford waited so long to come out. One guests shares her assault story and how long it took her to be honest with anyone. That’s when Teddi jumps in and Camille says she has been accused of so many things that were untrue so she feels for Brett but Rinna says this is a lifelong appointment and cannot be taken lightly. Denise just chews her food because let’s face it; she has been put through the media ringer tenfold. Camille excuses herself and Kyle gets a text from sister, Kim that she is watching her because she is at the same restaurant. People start to leave the dinner and when Kyle goes downstairs, Camille is in tears. Kyle reminds her they can all have different views but still be great friends. Camille then asks Kyle to be a bridesmaid in her wedding.

Back upstairs, they remind each other it is about Lois, Camille and Rinna patch it up and Kyle goes to see Kim who is then joined by Kathy. Staged much? Rinna has not talked to Kim in two years since she have Kim’s grandson a bunny which was promptly returned at the reunion and then given to Andy Cohen for his Bravo Clubhouse. Rinna and Lois walk right past Kim because she has nothing to say to her. At Rinna’s the next morning, we learn Lois was a victim of kidnapping as a young adult and a man tried to rape her and kill her with a knife and hammer but she was saved. She didn’t tell her girls this until they were much older and the man served seven years for what he did to her then, after release, went on to kill over a dozen women and served a life sentence. No wonder this hit Rinna so hard. Coming up the rest of this season: Brandi is back, the women go on a few crazy vacations, Camille gets married and confronted, California wildfires wreck and ravage, and Denise tries to patch everything up between LVP and the ladies. You can catch it Tuesday nights at 9pm on Bravo!!

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