Previously On…Sister Wives Season 13 Tell-All Part 1 Recap!

Previously On Sister Wives, the Brown family finally made the move to Flagstaff, Arizona and it was anything but easy. But now, the wives and Kody, including some of the kids, will sit down with Suchin Pak, to discuss season 13 and all of the ups and downs. Hold on tight.

The family has moved a total of 19 times, which is insane. Robyn’s trigger word is “transient” and she does not want to move anymore; she just wants to be settled. Kody says, at 22, something changed within him. He always had a routine and then becoming a fundamentalist Mormon changed his life. He cannot guarantee they will stay in Arizona but this is his plan and it is scaring Robyn because she needs a commitment from everyone. Kody never thought they would leave Lehigh, Utah until the law came after them and it was out of his control and Vegas was the only option. Janelle says if she did not have kids, she would be a hippie and wander with a home base. Now, we are going backwards to the whole catfishing situation with Meri because we did not discuss this enough, said no one ever. Meri says she had to learn how to be around people again and how to trust once again. Kody feels they left all of the bad stuff behind in Vegas and are starting all over and I hope this is true. Kody and Meri getting to vacation in Flagstaff when they were looking at Coyote Pass and Cottonwood helped to almost renew their marriage in a sweet way. This could have been the best thing at the worst time. Kody says they are moving in a direction where they are almost fully mended and this could be great for both of them. Nothing happened out nowhere; they just realized they had a problem and that was what shook them.

All the wives feel it when one wife is having a problem and Robyn told Meri she could not do this marriage without her. Now, Kody is calling Meri for dinners, which is sweet and he is courting her; he admits it is like they are dating and she is a new girlfriend, so to speak. Now, it is time for the teens along with Maddie and Hunter, to join Suchin, to talk about the move. We know it was not the easiest for any of the kids down to Truely who is under 10. The girls agree the guys are a lot hotter in Flagstaff than in Vegas so that’s a positive but there have been mixed reactions to the kids family structure. Now we focus on Gabe, who has wrestling, a girlfriend, scholarships so he felt no one cared about him at all. He says the move was not as bad as it could be as he had a great support system from his older siblings. They talk to Hunter who was super rebellious when they moved from Utah to Vegas and he admits he was very selfish during the move and this plagues him. Hunter consistently checked in on his little brother, bringing Gabe to tears because he knew he had someone there for him who completely understood how he felt and had a mirror image life experience.

Hunter says, though moving to Vegas was hard, he had some of the best times of his life. Gabe adds he is closer to his siblings because now he has to find them at school since someone like Gwendlyn lives 30 minutes away from him. Even Maddie has to note how their relationships have gotten better by choice. Back to the move and how fast it happened. It was also very dramatic in the way it happened, as if they would never have a chance to go back to the homes in Vegas they owned to get the rest of their stuff. They also had to say good-bye to some of their older kids who either stayed behind or were going to be living in other states. Even with Mariah, she was moving with Audrey to Chicago so they could not see each other every other weekend. Janelle says it is hard for the wives to even see each other living so far apart as they really have to make an effort. Living in the cul-de-sac, they would go days without seeing each other and get lazy but this is not what their culture is about so they’ve stepped up their game.

What is up with Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, Meri’s bed and breakfast she was so desperate to buy? We are about to find out. This was a dream Meri had worked very hard for but Kody never felt it was a good investment and they were still in a bad place in their relationship. Kody sounds very selfish when he has 4 wives and 18 kids judging anyone. Meri asks if he is good with her business but they cut to next week and the preview. More from the kids, an announcement from Maddie (she’s having a second baby), and the wives go even deeper. You can catch part two  Sunday night at 8pm on TLC.

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