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Previously On Seeking Sister Wife, we watched as the Snowden family officially welcomed in Vanessa as their sister wife but not everything was rainbows and butterflies as you can see here. But tonight, everything will be revealed from the four families as to what went on during season two of the hit TLC reality television show, hosted by Suchin Pak.

Bernie is here with a new look and it is the first time families have all met each other; it is the first time the McGee family has ever met polygamists, what they are aiming to be so maybe Paige can get some tips on how to chill out. They go back over what occurred throughout the season and now it is time to go over all of the events with the cast, good and bad. Paige admits her jealousy was normal and Bernie thinks his wife trusts him but she has so many people telling her not to because what they are trying to do is so foreign to family and friends in the south. Onto the Alldredges who had experienced heartbreak but felt much better when they started courting Jennifer. She said after she met them in person she would 100% say yes if Jeff proposed and found him very attractive but she went onto fake her death. So, we need to hear her side for sure. Sharis says if she wanted to be done, she could have just said it but she went to extremes but Jeff cannot help but laugh. The Alldredges knew Jennifer was active on social media but she posted on October 31st that she was back and in January, she posted she was pregnant and in labor. The producers did get to talk to her and she claims she did have a baby girl and she claims she had been seeing someone else when she was talking to Jeff, Vanessa, and Sharis and found out she was pregnant the day her sister sent the death text. It was her sister who sent the appendicitis text and followed through on all of it because she is “young and dumb.” No one at the tell all believes Jennifer had a baby based on her history but Vanessa wishes her well despite what she did.

Now, Jennifer is joining everyone via video chat and she can hear all the crap talking as she says. What she is saying here sounds so much different from her Facebook tell all, let’s be honest. She says she did not realize she was pregnant and she really just cared about her sanity and unborn baby so she brings her sister in to apologize as she was only protecting Jen. Suchin just wants Jennifer to take responsibility for her part in all of this and not play the victim as much and Jeff says he hopes she can raise her child and lead a happy life. The wives forgive her and wish her the best as Sharis lives for her kids. Onto the Snowden family where we recount how they courted Vanessa and all she went through in order to sleep with Dimitri, including vaginal steaming. Ashley’s mom, Mama Donna joins Ashley, Dimitri, and Vanessa now and everyone loves her, including Suchin. Mama Donna was more worried about the motives of the new wife coming into the family and what could happen to both her daughter and her grandchildren. She feels she has come a long way in terms of how open minded she has become and Colton, watching from the back, is proud of how far they have come.

Vanessa’s sisters, Jennifer and Adrienne join via Skype to answer questions and Adrienne says she was initially worried about Dimitri just wanting to go through women while her twin kept the house but she has seen things differently now. As for Jennifer, she was fearful the wives would just come in and run their businesses and her sister would stay home and raise the kids; she is waiting to see the results but as of now, she is happy to see Vanessa happy and smiling, which is the most important thing. Mama Donna’s biggest concern was a rumor put out by Vanessa’s best friend that she was just doing this for her career, but Vanessa vehemently denies this and appreciates Donna’s concern. The wives exit and it is just the four husbands: Bernie, Dimitri, Colton, and Jeff so we will see what they have to share with Suchin. They admit they judge each other while watching the show and the women are watching from the back, proud of their men. One viewer asked if it was all about sex and Colton said if it is just about sex, the man is in it for the wrong reason. It is a very small part of the marriage, at least for him.

Husbands out, wives in so we are joined by all of them to discuss jealousy and insecurity. Back in the day, Vanessa was a very possessive and jealous girlfriend but she went through a lot of self reflection to understand herself and could never be a first wife. Colton’s second wife, Sophie understands this while his first wife, Tami says jealousy is a building block emotion. Social media told Paige she is not meant for this lifestyle. If she cannot handle a text, how will she handle sex? She says jealousy is normal but she is convincing herself it can work while Sophie says it is hard for her when Colton leaves to go to his regular home to get his work shirts. She wishes he left some at her home so it is all a strange balancing act. Ashley starts to talk and asks Paige where her jealousy comes from, something Paige keeps skirting. Dimitri and Colton says they talk on three-way text so it is never a problem but Paige admits she is a nosy person so she will text Bernie’s phone when he is not around.

Brandy was a woman Paige and Bernie decided to pursue. She came to town with her daughter and they really hit it off but as they headed out for their date, Paige broke down and Bernie had to go talk his wife down. She was very cold to Brandy for the rest of her time there and wanted to take a break from looking for a sister wife but she did invite Brandy back only to be cruel to her. She left early and that was all she seemingly wrote. As Bernie shares tonight, he had great chemistry with Brandy and maintains nothing happened between with he and Brandy, not even a kiss though Paige has dagger eyes. Brandy felt whatever happened between her and Bernie was between them but Paige agreed only after marriage. They now welcome her to the stage but Bernie is shocked and Paige is livid as he asks her to stand. He hugs her and his wife tears up because they have not seen her since she left. She has spoken to Bernie and the McGee kids but not to Paige and why should she? Paige was horrid to her! Bernie is trying to reign his wife in who is angry and trying to rewrite history by saying she was so kind to Brandy when she was not and they have evidence on camera.

We go back to when Brandy officially left the McGee household for the last time, how cruel Paige was to her. Brandy had been asking Paige about the process of being intimate with or even kissing Bernie. It turned out Bernie and Paige had asked her to move in and Paige had asked Brandy to court Bernie. On the first date, they had so much fun, Brandy wanted to kiss Bernie because there was so much chemistry and it actually did happen but off camera. Through all of this, Bernie keeps muttering to Paige to stop misbehaving, which is either epic or really sad, I cannot decide. Paige’s shock and the excitement from the other couples in the back over something happening on the first date is everything! Brandy says Bernie wanted to show her the neighbor’s backyard and they ended up kissing and she ended up with a hickey. Paige does not know who to be more mad at: Bernie or Brandy but Brandy says he tried to sleep with her but the reason things stopped was because she kept bringing up Paige’s name. Paige says she needs a cigarette and takes a break, calls Brandy a whore, and Ashley along with Sophie, and Sharis escort Paige outside. Suchin has to ask Bernie why he thought his wife would never find out but he keeps denying it was ever as serious as Brandy says.

The husbands join Bernie outside and ask him what happened. He says it was a hug and a peck but Dimitri says even if it did not come out this week, it would have come out at some point. Jeff asks the cameras to leave so they can help Bernie out. Brandy tells the cameras she is done with the McGee family and is closing this chapter of her life, as she should. Paige says she was ready to quit the show until her fellow wives came to her side so that really helped a lot. They all remind the McGees they have each other and this the most important relationship of all. Bernie tells her she is right and he should have listened to her, should have never lied to her, he just did not want to hurt her. She tells him she loves him so much and she apologizes for ever making him feel like he could not be up front with her. Paige claims she feels at peace (the couple was arrested on March 15th for stalking) and would still like to seek another wife. Dimitri says the search is so worth it. And with that, season 2 is over. What did everyone think?

*As the show ended, we learned Vanessa has since left the Snowden family. No word as to whether she has left California, as well. We will look into this and see what we can find!

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