Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Episode 6- The Morning After!

Previously On RHONY, Bethenny met with a grief counselor to deal with Dennis’ passing and all of the ladies started heading to the Berkshires for Halloween. But, Luann showed her Countess side when she did not get the bedroom she wanted and this is about to cause one hot mess and Sonja is going to have a meltdown. What else are we to expect from a Berzerkshires weekend, no matter the holiday?

Dorinda, Lu, Tinsley, Sonja, and Ramona are all having dinner and Lu is not happy she is sleeping in the fish room at Blue Stone Manor. Last Christmas, she had a very bad experience there where she drank way too much and woke up next to Sonja, with Bethenny in the bed across from her, and had the worst hang over. This was right before she got arrested and ended up in rehab so she feels the room is triggering but the truth is no one likes this room. It was originally supposed to be Tinsley’s room but she negotiated out of it but when she saw what an issue it posed, she took it back. Lu felt so betrayed by Bethenny getting Hannah’s room, the room she wanted, especially since B was not coming until the next day, she went to see if the hotel at the restaurant they were at had a spare room. Turns out, Bethenny was not going to come unless she got that room and because of how bad she was grieving, Dorinda wanted to make her comfortable but Ramona wants to know how bad she is really feeling about Dennis if she is already in Boston with another guy. As we learned last week, Bethenny was struggling a lot with Dennis prior to his death. Lu comes back and one of the staff members says they have a room for her but the ladies want to make it work and finally she agrees to stay at Dorinda’s but asks them to keep a room available just in case.

Back at Dorinda’s, everyone is making accommodations for Lu, especially Tinsley who already unpacked her room and is now giving it to Luann. She says Barbara will take the shark room and she will take another while Dorinda has to arrange massages per the Countess. She says she is happy it is only two days she has to put up with these ladies then she can go scream. Sonja says she would not alter her life for Luann this way, no matter what. The next morning, a yoga instructor comes by for Lu at 9am and Ramona and Sonja join in though it is Lu who seemingly gets the most out of it. Dorinda lets the yogis know they are going someplace at 11 so they need to be mindful of the time. Followed by that, the Naked Chef is coming by to cook a six-course meal but at this point, she feels like she is running a summer camp more than a holiday weekend. Shouldn’t she be used to these ladies by now? Time for Ventfort Hall, an old Morgan Estate, especially for Sonja. As they are touring the house, it is very much classic and rustic like Sonja’s townhouse and she reveals she and her husband started off in one bed then he would go into his room with a bathroom and she would have hers. She shares this as we see a recreated bedroom with two twin beds; very civilized and traditional.

As Sonja is going through the house, she goes back into her old mentality of hoarding Morgan history for her daughter, how she keeps things in storage and how the letters they have in this home should be preserved and not out for the public. She went from light and airy to rambling and Ramona is worried she is losing it but Ramona is the last person to say anything when she is always off the rails. They leave and return Dorinda’s and it is nice for everyone to see Blue Stone Manor in the nice weather and be by the heated pool. They love it and are having so much fun but it is time for Dorinda to go apologize to Luann. She is apologizing for Cartegna and saying something about the mugshot but I am unclear if it is about the Jovani heckling. In any case, it is all Lu wanted and now they can move forward for the weekend. Ramona tells Sonja and Tinsley they have to handle Barbara when she comes because she does not want to have anything to do with her. When she arrives, she loves the home and is really welcoming but she hates the fish room, echoing all Lu fed her. Sonja and Barbara are talking about the night before and the fish room and Sonja says all newcomers stay there. Barbara also says she is not unpacking because she does not know if she will get thrown out but Dorinda says she will find a hotel if Barbara is that uncomfortable. So far, Dorinda has been very calm so no reason to rile anyone up.

Bethenny finally arrives and we flashback to the horrible moments she has had in the Berkshires. The year she called Lu a whore; when she got into with Ramona and ended up leaving early with Carole after Ramona said she did not have any success until she had sex on camera; and last year when she and Carole went at it. Needless to say, this has not been a happy house but she is here now and she makes a grand announcement that her period has arrived and she needs feminine hygiene products but the women there are all too old to have them. Tinsley would be her only hope but it is not her time of the month. At the same time, Tins is feeling like the little sister, running errands for everyone, gathering wine and such as it is clear Sonja is a wee bit tipsy. Dorinda brings Bethenny inside to open the gift B brought and B reveals, while in Boston, she saw “A Star Is Born” and it left her crying since it dealt with pill addiction. It brought her back to the week before Dennis died and Dorinda comforted her and then shared how dreadful Lu acted the night before. Bethenny feels Lu should be a tad more grateful to B after what she did with the intervention, not that she did it for the accolades and attention. She even said she would sleep in the fish room at this point. And then the chefs arrive.

Bethenny shares with the ladies, minus Lu and Ramona, how peeved she is over this whole Luann room thing. Barbara even says Lu could have lost everything had she and B not stepped in and Bethenny adds Lu should still be in her rehab room that she left early to do her Cabaret show. Barbara and B go to talk privately and Barbara thinks Sonja is embellishing how badly Lu was acting about the room but B can tell she is high on the kool-aid and thinks everything Lu says is gospel. When they were texting, B thinks Lu could have just asked about the room and B would have told her to stay in the room she was supposed to stay in. She really does not care all that much, it is just the entitlement. Dorinda and B stay outside to talk and they have decided they do not care how Lu acts, as long as she stays sober. Bethenny believes she has mellowed so much since Dennis died, this is so trivial and they know who Luann is, they just deal with it. Around the table, Barbara has rubbed Ramona and Tinsley the wrong way when she wants to sit at the head of the table instead of Dorinda because she is used to being in charge. Not today, Satan. Up in Bethenny’s room the ladies gather and a drunk Sonja lets Barbara know B is her lady and she cannot have her. Ramona talks about how great she (Ramona) looks and how Sonja needs to find a middle ground. Downstairs, Sonja comments she does not drink anymore so when she does, it hits her very hard.

Dinner time and they are all shocked by how hairy the naked chef is. Ramona wants Sonja to stop drinking but Bethenny said earlier she is in a contained environment so it is not as bad as it could be. Soon, Sonja is holding up Ramona’a dog when the ladies are joking about where they will sleep and she has claimed Bethenny as hers. They start talking about Bethenny;s diamonds and Dorinda says the kind of ring she has from her late husband, Richard. Sonja makes a comment and then she says in her confessional Dorinda is just jealous Sonja was married to a Morgan and is now dating John who is a “Joe-Shmo.” That’s pretty messed up, just saying. Dorinda and Lu decide to go have a smoke and it comes up Dorinda took them to the Morgan Estate as a peace offering but Sonja thinks she had poor manners. Oh no, here we go. To Be Continued…Next week, Luann mocks Bethenny, Barbara goes at it with Dorinda, and all hell breaks loose between B and Tinsley over Scott. You can catch it Wednesday night at 9pm on Bravo.

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