Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 9- The Morning After!

Previously On RHOBH, it ended with a bang when Kyle decided to confront best friend, LVP after two stories regarding Dorit came out in the tabloids. All of the ladies had to ask Kyle if this was something LVP was capable of doing, selling stories to Radar and TMZ, and unfortunately for Kyle, she could not say this was out of character for her friend. It ended with her getting thrown out of the Vanderpump-Todd mansion by both LVP and her husband, Ken, all which you can read about right here.

The night after being thrown out of LVP’s home, Kyle has gathered the ladies for dinner at a restaurant to tell them what transpired when she just went over for answers. They are in shock with the behavior of both Ken and his wife but it is to be expected since they are very clearly trying to avoid the situation, even though LVP did swear on her children which should mean something but maybe nothing in the BH. LVP is talking to Ken and has no idea what really happened the night before with Kyle but she has more important things to think about- her upcoming kitchen renovations. It is LVP’s birthday coming up and she does not feel right having a big celebration with the passing of her brother. Ken is planning something small and her kids gave her a beautiful locket with photos of her family on one side and her Nanny Kay on the other. Nanny Kay also triggered a fight with Kyle previously as she did not remember who that was when it was someone super important in LVP’s life; a grandmother who lived with her for years and was extremely influential in her life. How could Kyle forget? Speaking of Kyle, she is off for date night with husband, Mauricio and things have changed so much since they started dating and had kids. Now, they are business focused and they are thinking about where they will be in 10 years because all of the kids will be out of the house. They have a lavish dinner with all of the trimmings but Kyle mentions the shift in energy and how she still has not spoken to LVP, which shocks her husband though she says she still loves her. Mauricio cannot believe how harsh Ken spoke to Kyle and Ken is in disbelief how stern he was, as well.

This whole fight is lingering with Kyle and she sees how LVP holds friendships for ransom but Mauricio notes she has always been like this so it is no big surprise. Dorit is making healthy smoothies with her assistant and she wants to make this a new lifestyle for husband, PK as he was diagnosed with diabetes prior to them meeting. He is not the healthiest eater and has not been for a long while and Dorit worries he is not taking it seriously enough to want to fix it. Therefore, she is trying to create a healthy balance. Unfortunately, neither Dorit nor her assistant know how to operate a NutriBullet and this poses a problem and the smoothie they have created is disgusting so there is no way in hell PK will drink it if Dorit cannot stomach it. Rinna, Erika, and Denise are trying a new type of flying yoga and Rinna’s biggest concern is it will affect her Botox. But, she is game for anything as are the other two so this is why they have formed such a great friendship. Denise does not understand this type of yoga and calls it a “weird LA class” but at least they are all doing it together. Because Rinna could not be there for drinks the day after the LVP/Kyle debacle, she is ready to be filled in. She is shocked in Kyle was thrown out but knows how LVP is.

Onto happier occasions like a party for Denise’s wedding. Rinna decides she wants to throw a party for Denise but unfortunately, Erika cannot attend as she is prepping for her sold out tour. Denise cannot wait to see this show live and Erika tells her to feel free to hop on the bus anytime she wants to. Denise is having husband, Aaron put up cameras because her eldest daughter, Sami is starting high school and she knows she will probably start sneaking out of the house and she wants to be able catch her. But, Sami knows full well the cameras are there so if she gets caught, it is on her. She is not allowed to date until she is 16 but her dad, Charlie Sheen says she can date now at 14. Denise is talking to Aaron about what happened with Kyle and LVP and she does not want to get on her bad side and adds she has had a great time with her and LVP has been great with daughter, Eloise. She wonders if she should talk to her because he has held her peace one too many times. She may or may not speak with her; time will tell. Dorit is getting ready to have lunch with her family and she needs to take PK’s blood because he is a type 2 Diabetic and on the verge of being a type 1. His mother did not eat vegetables so now Dorit has to reverse all of the things he was groomed with. She just feels he is not listening to her and is a lost cause.

They are talking about LVP and how Dorit sent her a birthday message and it went ignored. Sadly, she did not invite anyone to her birthday, not even PK who she has known for years. It is like she is taking her anger out on unnecessary parties. Teddi and Rinna meet up at Beauty & Essex to catch up and Teddi shares how she has been falling asleep in bed with her daughter which Rinna says she so misses because it goes by so fast. All the ladies, minus Erika are joining them so I am assuming this is the celebration for Denise’s wedding. But, Denise is taking a quick detour on her way as she is stopping at LVP’s so she can have a little chat with her. She lets Kyle know she is meeting her for a drink at TomTom and Denise gives viewers the backstory. As Aaron predicted, LVP contacted Denise and invited her to stop by her birthday party. Clearly, she is going to continue to pray on the new girl but Kyle says that she sent her a happy birthday message with no response so she wants Denise to send her best wishes. Kyle questions if Denise can mend fences with the ladies and LVP, which was Denise’s intention all along.

Rinna shares with Teddi that she posted a tweet for LVP’s birthday of cupcakes with pills on it because everyone joked about her pill bag. Rinna texted LVP letting her know the intention behind the tweet and LVP appreciated it was not a jab at her brother, who had committed suicide. Teddi would not have associated the two and neither would Rinna since her sister died of a drug overdose. She was trying to look like anything but the bad guy but, of course, she is Rinna and her foot is always in her mouth. On the way to her party, Ken tells LVP he did not invite anyone who would make her cry and she thinks Kyle should be coming because they have celebrated every birthday together. But, she does not feel right having the ladies there after what has just gone down with all of them. Back to the evening with the ladies and when Dorit shows up, the only thing they can all focus on is Dorit’s boobs. The last two they are waiting on are Denise and Camille but we all know where Denise is so she can take her time. Unfortunately, LVP is late for the cocktails she is to have with Denise and time keeps passing and guests are arriving. Her being tardy gives Camille a chance to discuss her upcoming wedding.

When Dorit finds out where Denise is, she is not happy. She wants to know how she got to go to LVP’s birthday party when she is a new friend and this is all understandable. LVP finally shows up to her party, Denise gives her a gift and she shares she still has her wedding gift. She asks is she can stay for the party but Denise says she has another dinner but maybe they can have lunch next week and Denise realizes maybe she has forgotten there were cocktails involved at some point. LVP says she does not want Denise to be dragged into this mess with the women though she will be anyway and off she goes. With Denise being late to the dinner, she says she’s recreating the wedding. The ladies just start talking about everything and Camille goes off about being married to Kelsey Grammer, how horrible it was to be romantic with him, and how she needs a clean man who is manscaped. She also says she is so happy LVP got her caps fixed because she could not stand staring at her gums and laughs that she will be going to hell. Maybe but if all of the gossip LVP has been spreading is true, oh well. Next week, Kyle, Mauricio, LVP, and Ken try to hash out their issues. Don’t miss it Tuesday night at 9pm only on Bravo.

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