Survivor Live Recap: Season 38 Episode 9 – Y’all Making Me Crazy

Last week on Survivor season 38 we watched as another castaway was blindsided and sent to the Edge of Extinction. Tonight, concentration is key in a classic Survivor immunity challenge and the castaways turn up the heat during Tribal Council! Make sure you refresh this page to get all the details of tonight’s episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction!

We started tonight’s episode off with a reaction from Tribal Council. We then get a look at Eric on the EOE and he is pretty lonely seeing how everyone he is there with, he had a hand in sending there. He is talking about how time has slowed down so much since he got there. Eric is fighting himself, he is toying with the idea of leaving the island.

Back on the island, Rick is trying to mend fences with Julie and Ron. Julie is really upset that she was left out of the decision on the vote. Julie is getting really emotional about missing her family and feeling alone in this game. There is a lot of talk about shifting alliances and people being worried about not having the numbers in their favor.

It is time for the immunity challenge! Tonight the castaways will have to stand on a narrow beam, they will be balancing a ball on a wooden bow. They will be asked to move down the beam in intervals. If they fall off the beam or their ball drops, they are eliminated. The first castaway to be eliminated is Wardog, Julie is second, and Ron is the third to drop. Rick is out fourth, Aurora is fifth, and Victoria is sixth. Lauren is seventh to drop, Kelley is eighth to drop, and Julia drops ninth. It is down to Gavin and David. David did this challenge on his season and was eliminated early, could he pull it out this time? Unfortunately, no, David loses his ball and Gavin wins Immunity!

Rick is starting to talk to the other castaways about Kelley, Lauren, and Wardog still being in the game together. Meanwhile, Lauren is working on Julia trying to get her to vote out David, but she also mentions Ron’s name. There are three groups, the Lesu three, David and Rick, and then Julie, Julia, Ron, Victoria & Aurora. The five are talking about going after Kelley but when they talk to Gavin, he is leaning more towards David because he has been a comp beast. This is because he is close to Kelley, but they aren’t hearing this, they want Kelley out.

Kelley is starting to feel paranoid when everyone at camp stops talking to her. She is thinking about using her idol tonight and that could really throw a wrench in tonight’s plan!

It is time to find out! There is a lot of paranoia and uncertainty going into this TC. Some of the castaways are really starting to lose it, including Julie. She is not trusting the plan that was brought to her and is worried that she is one of the targets. If you aren’t watching this TC, you are missing out and no matter how I try, I could never explain this.

I really have no idea which way they are leaning with this vote. This has been an insane Tribal Council. It is time to vote though, so here we go! Rick and David use their pieces of an idol on David. Any votes for him will not count. The votes are:

  • David
  • Kelley
  • Julia
  • Julia
  • Julia
  • Julia
  • Julia
  • Julia

With six votes, that is enough to send Julia off the island. Her entire group turned on her! Julia decides to go to the EOE after she is eliminated.

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