Married At First Sight Season 8 Reunion Live Recap: Where Are They Now?

Last week on the MAFS finale, we learned which couples were staying together and which couples were splitting up. Tonight on Married At First Sight season 8 we will learn what is going on with the MAFS couples now that the cameras are off and they have gone back to their lives off the show. Are you ready to find out what KristineKiethWillJasmineLukeKate, and AJStephanie are up to now? Keep refreshing this page for all the details of tonight’s Married At First Sight season 8 reunion!

The reunion takes place three months after decision day. The first couple we heard from was Stephanie & AJ. We take a look at them throughout the season of Married At First Sight season 8. They seem to be doing well as a couple, but AJ has a bone to pick with production. He wanted to have a conversation about it, but it was shut down pretty quickly. Stephanie mentions that AJ gets protective of her and that’s what his issue seems to be. She is able to calm him down and they get the conversation back on track.

They talk about how they are both very happy, even more so that the cameras are gone. They are asked the big question, “Are you still married?” They are still married and very much in love with each other. They are enjoying each other’s company and Stephanie, who loves traveling, is taking AJ on a trip to Africa! They plan on using this first year to do some traveling before starting their family.

The second couple we heard from was Will & Jasmine. We started off with a look at them throughout the season. As we all know, they decided to go separate ways on decision night and they both said that they are still friends. Jasmine is asked if she is dating yet, she says that she isn’t dating anyone and that she is giving herself a chance to heal after the divorce. Will also says that he isn’t dating, he needed to take a step back.

They say that in the last three months, they have talked a bit. When asked if there is a chance for a reconciliation, Jasmine looks at Will. Clearly, Jasmine would like there to be a chance, when Will is put on the spot, he stumbles on his words a bit. When they get back from the commercial break, Will says he doesn’t know, that things aren’t as simple as yes or no. Jasmine thinks that there probably isn’t a chance for a reconciliation, so why was she waiting for Will to answer first? They talk about what put them into the friend zone so quickly. Will thinks that there were compatibility issues, Jasmine thinks that he wasn’t attracted to her, but he tells her that’s not the case.

We then get a look at Luke and Kate. We revisited their relationship throughout the show or lack thereof. Luke and Kate come out and the first question Luke is asked about whether he was attracted to her when she came down the aisle. He says that he was but Kate tells him that he can be honest. He then tells us that if he is being honest, he was disappointed. The next question for Luke is “why did you have sex with someone you weren’t attracted to?” Then a commercial break cut in.

When the commercial is over, Luke tells us that he was horny and couldn’t fall asleep without relief. Kate tells us that he always initiated the cuddling, they had sex and he told her that he was repulsed. He then asked her “do you think I’m a homosexual?” She then tells us that his facebook says that he is interested in men and women and it says that he is in a relationship with a man. He claims that it was a friend in college thought it would be funny to change it on him. She then wonders why he would leave it like that after all this time even though he has a lot of gay friends because it’s like mocking them.

They then get into a conversation about how he asked her not to talk about them having sex during the taping of the show. She finally came clean to Pepper Schwartz about them having sex. She is asked why she did that if Luke asked her not to talk about it and she mentions him not having a normal reaction after they had sex…what does that even mean? We will find out after the commercial!

Luke admits to being overly emotional after having sex with Kate. Luke says that he was upset that he was having sex with someone he didn’t want to have sex with. He then tries to make it seem like he did eventually gain feelings for her and she tells him that she doesn’t believe anything he says. She then talks about how he treated her during their relationship. Luke is given one more chance to tell the truth rather than some processed answer that he thinks will sound good on TV.

They then talk about Kate’s drinking “problem” but Luke admits that she was probably using it as a coping mechanism because of how he treated her. You think? I would have been drunk all the time too! Kate tells us that she has been seeing someone for a couple months now and things are going really well with them. Luke tells us that he isn’t seeing anyone right now and he isn’t really interested in seeing anyone right now.

We then get a look at Kristine and Keith. They decided to stay married on decision day and they are in fact, still married. They touch base on the pictures Kristine found on his phone and they have been deleted. They also talked about how Keith felt very strongly about how women and men have their specific roles in a marriage. She tells us that Keith is opening up about helping out more and they are continuing to work on things.

They talk about having kids, Kristine wants to wait a few more years before having children. She explains that she wants Keith to finish more school, she wants to be more stable and truthfully, she wants to have her husband to herself for a little while. They got a very short segment where the other couples definitely got more air time. We are teased with a “big surprise” from one of the couples, there are only two so which one is it?

After the commercial break, Kevin Fraizer is joined by all the couples. The first question was for the divorced couples, they are asked if there was something from the successful couples that they would have liked to have in their relationship. Kate says that she really loved the appreciation and respect that AJ had for Stephanie from the start, Will can’t think of anything.

We then get a look at AJ’s outbursts through the season. AJ explains that he was very protective of his marriage from the start and the frustrations of it got the best of him a lot. They then talk about Kate and Luke’s very confusing marriage. The group is asked how watching their marriage affected them. Stephanie says that it was painful to watch because she was clearly in a lot of pain. Stephanie adds that it shouldn’t have taken so long to end and it never should have gotten that bad. Keith had mentioned how his priority is his marriage, no one else and he doesn’t have an opinion on it.

Kate then sighed out loud and doesn’t realize that she did that. Kevin asked her what her reaction was about and she says that Keith’s answer about his marriage being his priority made her think about how Luke wanted the dirt on the other wives night one. The big question is, did Luke do this just to be on TV? Or did he really want to find love? She says that she does think that might have been his motivation. Luke starts to get a little emotional and tells her that he is truly sorry for the way that he treated her. He even gives her a hug and he tells her that he really does want to see her happy. She says thank you and tells Kevin that this has given her some closure.

The couples get some tweets to respond to and then they talk more about the couples. Kristine and Keith talk about Keith’s level of comfort from early on and how he was instantly comfortable enough to burp and fart in front of Kristine. AJ talks about how he still runs out to the kitchen in the middle of the night while Stephanie’s sleeping to fart.

We ended the reunion off with a look at the tensions between AJ and Luke, especially when AJ had been drinking. They talked about the brides and how much they all love each other and they have become the “bride tribe” and they are always there for each other. Apparently, there was a rumor about Kristine and Keith using the decision day bed for some extra-curricular activities after the crew went off to lunch and they confirmed it was true!

Kristine and Keith have some big, big news! Keith tells us that they have been working really hard and they are buying their own house! You were expecting a pregnancy announcement, weren’t you? I know I was.

Make sure you come back and join us for Married At First Sight season 9 coming up this summer! The premiere is currently set for July 10th. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming season!

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