Previously On…Will and Grace Season 10 Finale Recap!

Previously On Will and Grace, we last left off with Grace and Jack attempting to diet while Will tried to make his law class more exciting but ended up reuniting Karen and her stepdaughter. Since then, sexy news anchor, McCoy Whitman (Matt Bomer) came back to Will and they ended up living together. At the same time, Noah asked Grace to move in with him, which she agreed to. It seemed everything was falling into place. Unfortunately, things were not working out for Malcolm (Alec Baldwin) and Karen so she decided to swim in the lady pond with businesswoman, Nikki. They were all set to gather at Grace and Noah’s for a dinner party but Will was learning Noah was not compromising enough with his bestie to allow her true happiness. He had to fake being supportive at the dinner until Noah revealed he was not coming to Spain for Jack and Estafan’s wedding, which broke everyone’s heart. And now, we are at the airport.

At the end of the dinner party, Grace overheard Will tell Jack he felt Grace could do better than Noah so she is very bitter sitting with him at the airport. While they are waiting to board to go to Spain, Jack asks the lady at the counter if the pilot can make an announcement that he is getting married. He then finds out the flight is delayed due to bad weather in Spain and ultimately canceled. He and Estafan are devastated but then we find them in an airport restaurant announcing they will be getting married at the airport by Estafan’s uncle. Unfortunately, it has not clicked to the couple that the uncle is still in Spain and when it does, Jack storms off. Since the wedding is now in New York, Grace decides to call Noah and ask him to come to the wedding.

While Grace is making the call, McCoy tells Will he has been offered a lead job in London, which is his dream. They know it will be really hard to maintain a relationship but they will do what has to be done. He ends up coming back and saying he did not actually get the job but minces his words to where Will realizes he actually turned it down to stay in New York. Will tells him he has to take the job or he will resent their relationship so he goes back and calls the station. Grace enters the restaurant and orders a chardonnay; she’s mad because Noah is not coming regardless and she is trying to claim she is happy but it is not enough for anyone so she storms off. Karen is served by her old bartender, Smitty, where she realizes she is actually just lost not gay so she breaks up with Nikki.

While Jack and Estafan are wandering the airport, they run into Miss Coco Peru, who is mad they did not invite her to their wedding. She is on her way to marry her sister as she is ordained and agrees to marry the couple in the airport. While all of this happening, Grace sits down to eat a Cinnabon and she gets to the gooey center at the same time a cute man behind her does. He is getting ready to travel across country just because and they have this amazing connection. It is time for the wedding and during it, Will proposes to McCoy. Maybe they can’t make a relationship work long distance but they can make a marriage work. McCoy screams “yes” in excitement and Jack is giddy but nothing can take away from his day. He is now married and Grace tells Will this was the riskiest thing she has ever seen him do by proposing on a whim. That is when she leaves and goes to the gate and waits for the cute guy but he never shows up…until the last minute because he was looking for her. And off to Italy she is headed for a new adventure. And so closes season 10.

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