Previously On…Sister Wives Season 13 Finale Live Recap!

Previously On Sister Wives, Kody took a trip with his brother and brother-in-law to finally see the design for the secret one family home and was blown away by how great it turned out. The wives may have caught on and have mixed emotions, which you can see right here!

It is starting to hit Janelle how hard it will be not having her wives nearby to borrow groceries or for her kids to run over to each home for whatever they need. Every morning, Savanah goes to Christine’s home to get her hair done so these routines are now severely disrupted. Maddie and Caleb come over with their son, Axel and this is the hardest part for Janelle, saying good-bye to her grandson. Maddie moved to Vegas to be closer to her family and now, they are leaving and seemingly making her feel bad for not coming. For her, she believes her parents get bored really easy so moving is a constant. If she were to move to Flagstaff, there is no guarantee they would stay and she needs a guarantee. Maddie claims Robyn is the only wife who does not want to keep moving. They are having a family meeting to discuss the move and how they will transport the meat. Apparently, they buy a whole cow, send it to a butcher and end up with 600 pounds of meat in coolers so they have to transport this, as well.

While they are all packing, Gabe does not understand why the family is moving. He thinks it is pointless and the kids are city slickers while his parents are hicks. He also does not get why they have to pack up rooms when the home they are moving into is furnished so he leaves for a few hours to give someone a ride but doesn’t come back. The idea of leaving the cul-de-sac and their family is super hard, especially for Robyn and she feels like an idiot but they are still moving and I really do not know why. Do they hate Vegas or do they just like to move? It is now the day of the move and they want to be out by 11am, at the latest. Caleb and Mitch are helping with the move but need to be back by the next day to work and Gabe is nowhere to be found. Kody notes this is not really plural marriage at this moment because the women are on their own trying to pack the trucks, they are spread thin, and Kody can only help so much.

Christine’s kids say she is having a panic attack while Robyn is in a mini-rage. The whole family is cracking and they have not even left yet. Maddie ends up having the idea that she, Caleb, Mitch, and Aspyn leave immediately so they can get to Flagstaff, unload what they need to, and come back because they are time sensitive. People start to leave and don’t say good-bye which irks Robyn and Kody because they all wanted to go together. Well, things happen. And why the rush? They still own the homes! They can come back. This is not Utah where they though they’d get arrested if they did not get out in a nick of time! As Kody finally gets to leave, he is in such a rush, he realizes he does not get a chance to say good-bye to the home. The first street they pulled up to was Robyn’s street but they made so much noise with a ton of moving trucks. Christine ended up recruiting some new neighbors to help them move.

They have heard the neighborhood is really nice but they do not know how the children will be treated. It seems that the neighbors do not connect all of the kids are theirs and this is a plural family even though they announce it as formally as possible. Everyone finally gets to see Robyn’s home and they love it; it is massive and unnecessary! Now, it is time to say good-bye to the older kids and Kody breaks down when Caleb and his grandson, Axel have to leave. Kody notes this is the first time they have chosen to move and were not forced to leave. Mariah breaks down because she and Audrey had a great summer with her family and asks for a family prayer. There are a lot of tears between Meri and Mariah when she leaves but this shows growth and progress in their relationship. It is Ariella who helps relax Meri after Mariah and Audrey have departed. Welcome to Flagstaff!

Next week, it is part one of the family tell-all! Don’t miss it at 8pm on TLC next Sunday!

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