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Previously On Seeking Sister Wife, Brandy left the McGee family after a huge fight with Paige; the Winders still looked for a third wife; Jennifer’s sister told the Alldredge family Jennifer had passed away; and Dimitri proposed to Vanessa. You can catch up with it all right here.

Now that Vanessa is engaged to Dimitri, everything is starting to flow as he works from home during the day and she, along with Ashley, are learning how to run the house together. This just feels right to Vanessa like it was always meant to be. They have one week until the wedding and how it will go is: Dimitri and Ashley are renewing their vows, Vanessa and Dimitri are getting married, and then Ashley and Vanessa will have a union. Part of the whole partnership will involve the washing of the feet as they are taking a note from his culture. Ashley is already expecting drama and the worst because of the whole polygamy situation. But, this is what they have chosen. Because there is so much to be done, they have hired a sitter so they can go out and look at floral arrangements. While they are at the flower shop, they note that Ashley and Dimitri’s families have never met, even after nine years. But, all three moms will be staying at the home in Cali so this should be exciting to watch.

Lestra, Dimitri’s mom, has finally arrived from Arizona and she has met Ashley and the babies a few months ago but this is very different. The moment she walks into the home, all she wants is to see the babies but she does embrace his two ladies. All the mothers will be at the dress fitting as Lestra is curious as to what will be going on with the wedding. But, she admits she has a hard time staying quiet, which Dimitri already knew and acknowledged. She openly says she does not trust females in front of Vanessa and Ashley, which frightens them just a bit. Ashley tries to reason it out with Lestra and she explains they are trying to co-create but Lestra says, though it is overwhelming, she will go with the plan because this is what her son wants. Vanessa is wondering how it will all pan out with the arrival of the rest of the moms. Next to come is Jojo, Vanessa’s mom, who she goes to pick up and her mom notes how great she looks. Her mom has friends who said they could not handle this type of relationship but Jojo is trying to break down her preconceived notions. It appears the three moms have one thing in common- they are known for not holding anything back so this should be a fun day of dress shopping.

Time to go look at the dresses which have been designed for Vanessa and Ashley and all three of the mothers will be there. This is the first time Mama Donna will meet the other two moms and, after nine years, will finally meet Lestra. It is hard for Donna to share this day but it is even harder because all three have strong personalities. The dresses were collaborations with the brides and will look similar but be very different as the ladies are quite opposite. The moms are chatting about their feelings about the wedding and Jojo is sharing about how she found out about Vanessa wanting to be polygamist. She raised her to be a free thinker and they were very non-conventional but Donna does not share and she is very Catholic and she is one man gal. Lestra says only time will tell and then Ashley and Vanessa come out in their dresses, which are…there are no words. No good words. Dimitri and his best friend, William are at the barber shop, getting pretty and drinking beer. His friend is so honest and kind of jealous but filled with questions. It makes Dimitri happy he is no longer single and has two women and kids!

There are two days left until the wedding so Ashley and Vanessa are getting ready for their goddess party. Vanessa’s sisters are all flying in as well as their best friends and this will replace a bachelorette party. Vanessa’s twin, Adrienne, is still having a hard time with all of this but she knows how happy her sister is. Jennifer, Vanessa’s oldest sister, who is 50 (she is 16 years older) still has yet to get a read on Ashley so only time will tell. She admits she is very protective of her sisters with the age gap so it comes with the territory. Dimitri’s sister, Lauren is there and this is not typical for her as a party but she will try it knowing how happy everyone is. At the party, where there is henna and sangria, Vanessa is asked about children and she says they would like to start having them in about six months. But, they will keep on checking in with each other. Lestra asks what would happen if one of them got sick. Ashley says she trusts Vanessa so much so if anything were to happen to her, she feels very confident. The question of a third wife comes up and they say they would love one but this is too much for Lestra. Vanessa’s older sister equates it all to a pyramid scheme.

All of the questions lead Vanessa to break down and Mama Donna chimes in and says there is a lot of heart in this family. She just wanted to move on and forward for the day and welcomes Vanessa to the family. Dimitri comes home after being out all day and Ashley is the only one home so he has no idea about the goddess party. She has no idea how he will react to everything that transpired so she tells him about how there were a ton of questions aimed at them. Dimitri feels everyone could have asked questions prior to this day so does not understand why they waited for what was supposed to be a special moment. She needs to tell him who shut it all down. It is now time to start heading to the venue for the wedding and they are talking about how Dimitri’s good friend, Naz, is flying in to officiate the ceremony. She is an acoustic healer or something along those lines so she is perfect for this event. They are greeting their guests for a reception the night before the wedding at a winery and Ashley feels the positivity.

At the reception, Ashley’s father asked Vanessa about how the sex thing would work and she answers it would be a rotation. She feels everyone is forgetting this is a wedding. Jennifer ends up cornering Ashley and this scares Vanessa and she tells her how pure her sister is, coming in as an outsider. After Jennifer comparing polygamy to a pyramid scheme, Ashley does not want to defend this marriage again but Jennifer just wants to know they are all in with her sister. Ashley says she is in safe hands but this still sounds creepy though Ashley says her mood is now soured. How is she supposed to expect the relatives to react? This is all new to them and now they have to deal with it right before the wedding. After the reception, Ashley shared with Vanessa and Dimitri what happened with Jennifer. She needs to realize this lifestyle is not for everyone and sometimes you just have to explain it and ease minds. It is the day of the wedding and Dimitri is off to the groom suite while the ladies have their own room. Ashley cannot wait to get the sister wife she has wanted for so long.

While the brides are getting ready, Ashley pulls Jennifer aside because she wants to clear the air with her. She did not like when Jennifer said she had everything because she now is sharing it all with Vanessa. With that, Jennifer is thoroughly satisfied with the answer and feels positive about the lifestyle her sister is choosing to lead. And time for the wedding with Naz as the spiritual officiant who uses sounds as her practice. Ashley and Dimitri exchange vows and rings then he washes her feet. I can’t with this wedding. And now enters Vanessa. They exchange vows and now he washes her feet while Ashley grabs Vanessa’s hands because they are in this together. They are now officially the Snowdens. Time for the after party and Mama Donna already has her groove on. Dimitri gives a quick “thank you” toast and C-Tru is back for the first dance between Vanessa, Ashley, and Dimitri.

Everyone is dancing and having fun but Dimitri’s sister, Lauren is having a hard time. He goes to check on her but she cannot share it because she is tired of all of the cameras being on her at every moment. She gets a big attitude and storms off so Dimitri just assumed it was about his lifestyle but it was really due to the fact they did not get to spend time together and haven’t seen each other for years so this was very hard for her. His wives try to go after her, as well as Dimitri but it comes to a head that becomes dramatic. Vanessa says she even told her she expected to spend even more time with her brother and this was a similar feeling among all of the guests. Lauren demanded to go back to her room and fly back to Seattle. They decide they won’t let it ruin their night and go back to dance with Mama Donna and the families have nothing but positive things to say about the whole wedding.

Next week, all of the families from season two gather for a tell-all and secrets will be revealed! Tune in at 9pm Sunday on TLC!

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