Previously On…Mom Season 6 Episode 18 Recap!

Previously On Mom, Bonnie finally dealt with her newly diagnosed ADD while Christy had to take the proper steps when she almost fell back into gambling. You can catch up with it all right here.

Bonnie and Adam are revved up for an Eagles concert when Christy comes down the stairs for work, looking like death. They ask if she is okay and she swears she is but as they are exiting, she runs to the bathroom to throw up. Bonnie insists they leave but as they are almost to San Francisco, she has pangs inside of her- it is mom guilt, something she has not experienced in a long time, if ever. She tells Adam she has to go back and be with Christy but he should still go to the concert without her so she takes an uber back so he can head to the show. When Bonnie returns home, Christy is as sick as a dog and cannot keep anything down. They spend hours in the bathroom and at one point, Jill calls to see where Bonnie is. She tells her she is taking care of Christy but because this is so out of character, Jill thinks she is lying. At the meeting, because Christy and Bonnie are not there, they see how fast they finish cleaning up and see how different everything is without them. Less complaining, less bickering and realize they do not even have to eat at The Bistro if they do not want. After throwing out a handful of restaurants, they settle on The Bistro but because they want to.

Still taking care of her daughter, Bonnie is shocked when Christy tells her she is s good mom. These are words she never thought she would ever hear. Christy is now bedridden so Bonnie decides to bring up the television to the bedroom, despite the struggle until she learns there is no cable box up in that room. Christy asks her just to bring the DVD player and she can watch the two DVD’s they have and then asks for sherbet, which they do not have. At the store, Bonnie runs into a mom who is having a hard time picking out medicine for her sick child who has never been sick before. Bonnie can relate and then she asks the lady how old her child is; she says 2 and Bonnie shares her child is 41. Adam comes over to see how Christy is and share about the concert. He got to go backstage and had an amazing time but for Bonnie, this was so rewarding getting to take care of Christy. Then, it all goes downhill when Christy decides to take a bath but leaves the water running as she falls asleep on the bed and Bonnie has to try to turn off the water then drops clean clothes in the flood and yells at Christy. She apologizes when there’s a knock at the door. She gives Christy dry clothes and tells her to change and get back into bed but she is so weak, she gets stuck.

At the door is Jill, Wendy, Marjory, and Tammy. They wanted to check in on the ladies as they actually missed their witty comebacks and presence. They are also a big help, especially Wendy, who is a nurse and can take over for a crumbling Bonnie. In the end, Bonnie and Christy are at the store and she is back to herself, running around like a kid. When she runs off to get some canned ravioli, Bonnie runs into the mom she saw the week prior and asks how her son is doing. The son got sicker and she is losing her mind. Bonnie suggests they go get manicures and she won’t take no for an answer. They head out and Christy comes skipping back, looking for her mom. Guess Bonnie is back to her old ways. You can catch Mom on CBS every Thursday night at 9pm.

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