The Truth Behind ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Jennifer Linnerth!

So, if you are not gullible in the slightest bit or you follow social media just a tad, you are probably already aware that Seeking Sister Wife’s Jennifer Linnerth is alive and well. Yes, the potential sister wife candidate for the Alldredge family, Jeff, Vanessa, and Sharis from South Dakota, seemed very promising at the beginning of the courtship. It included video chats and phone calls which ultimately led to a meeting in Niagara Falls. Having not had the best luck in the best, the polygamist family was slightly nervous Jennifer would not show up but she did. She went on a solo date with the much older Jeff; they went skating and he much enjoyed himself. The date was supposed to continue onto nails with the wives and dinner but right after skating ended, Jennifer got an emergency phone call and had to leave immediately. She apologized but hurried away. Then, she was set to come spend a week or so with the family and the day she was set to fly in from Canada, Jeff received a text from her brother saying he had just taken her to the hospital because her appendix had burst. Jeff ultimately called the hospital and they had no record of Jennifer nor an ICU on the third floor, as the text indicated. A short time later, Jeff got another text from Jennifer’s sister, Mary Lou saying a week after her procedure, Jennifer had died. When the first text was sent, I immediately took to Twitter to ask if she would fake her death next but I did not really think she would do it. The Alldredges did not think they’d have answers and neither did we…but we do.

Jennifer took to Facebook Live to share her side of the story. She revealed she chose polygamy because monogamy had not worked out for her and she got on well with the family over the phone. In fact, she has absolutely nothing bad to say about Vanessa and Sharis at all. However, she did not know, until she met Jeff, that he had another wife he was legally married to and eight other kids. He had told her he had something he wanted to speak with her about but it did not seem like this was going to be it. As for the date: she said she felt like he was a creepy guy at the bar just staring at her, undressing her with his eyes. It was not a comfortable feeling…and he smelled weird. So, what was the emergency? She was previously married and raised her stepson since he was two. He lost his house key and was locked out of the house and there was no one local who could get to him so it was her responsibility to get him safely into the house. As for the visit to their home, she was unaware they were putting her up in their tree house but she did know they did not have indoor plumbing which was very weird to her. Even though the family said they were giving up on her after she allegedly died, Jennifer nodded when asked if the wives had tried to contact her though she could not verbally answer since it appears she will be at the reunion.

So, how did Jen and Jeff meet? TLC actually scouted her out and then she knew someone who knew him and they all connected each other. They spoke every single day and then, after a week, the other wives came in to the picture. Her biggest regret is the kids because she did spend a lot of time FaceTiming with them and feels bad about the relationships she is losing. As for her being a stripper- no; as for working in a strip club- yes, she did work in a strip club as a bartender. Had she seen season one prior to being on the show? No but Jeff had her watch it when they started courting. *If you listen to Jennifer talk, she curses like a sailor and smokes menthol cigarettes so you wonder if Jeff knew this all along* The family actually knew all of this from the jump; they knew she drank, smoke, and cursed, which Jeff did, as well and they were okay with it. Maybe the tree house was her punishment? And that’s what we have learned. Will we learn more on the 14th of April? Only time will tell! Do not forget to watch the Snowden Wedding Special Sunday night at 9pm on TLC!

*Oh…and Jennifer is getting her own show so I hope she lives to film that…0

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