Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Episode 5- The Morning After!

Previously On RHONY, Bethenny tried to get Dorinda and Luann back together while Ramona went on a painfully bad blind date. You can relive all of the good, the bad, and the really bad right here.

Everyone wants Tinsley to define her relationship with Scott and where it is going, especially her mother. At 43, it seems she should be settled with a ring on her finger but she is establishing herself back in New York society and does not want to move to Chicago to be with a man, even Scott. Has everyone forgotten she was married for over a decade to Topper so maybe she is just enjoying being in love and finding herself? During this, she finds herself hosting a doggie fashion show for charity and, even though she hates public speaking, she is slowly erasing any bad stigma surrounding her and her arrest. But, what we do learn is she has horrid TMJ as she is a teeth grinder and jaw clencher, something that has gotten worse since her arrest and now, she attributes a lot of the severity of it to her up and down relationship with Scott. If someone causes you to clench your jaw so bad, you are in chronic pain, this may be a sign to get out. She and her mom, Dale, visit a plastic surgeon as Botox can be good for TMJ and she will do anything though Dale does not want her to ruin her perfect jaw.

Bethenny is still recovering from Dennis’ death and this includes going to Boston to see a new guy she has started dating. She wants to make sure she is not using this man as a coping mechanism so she invites over a grief counselor who is on the mark with her. She reveals that, a week prior to Dennis’ death, she knew she had to end it with him but he has said if it did not work out with her, he would never date again. That’s a lot of pressure to put on one person and had he not died, she would have been stuck. But, he was her person, good, bad, or otherwise so not having him around is painful for her so she is still trying to make sense of it all. She learns loving again is a good thing and a positive sign so she feels a lot better. As for Ramona, after her horrid blind date, thanks to Rori the matchmaker, she goes out with Sonja to share the events. She says he was very educated which Sonja says is code for him being unattractive. Ramona says she wants someone who’s just really hot and sexual. Okay…

Most of the ladies have a lunch on the yacht where they try to give Tinsley love and relationship advice and it’s like, leave her alone. Even social media laughed at the idea of Luann and Bethenny giving Tinsley love advice because they have such a rich and positive past in that area. It was a joke but onto a happier event- Halloween in the Berkshires. We have spent many a Christmas there but never a Halloween so this is a big deal. Dorinda is a holiday lover and she goes above and beyond for this holiday just like she does for Christmas; she is an equal opportunity decorator. We get to meet her sister, Melinda, who lives in Great Barrington and grows her own vegetables. She loves the holidays just as much and was even Santa during the season eight Christmas where Bethenny called Lu a whore. First to arrive are Ramona, Sonja, and Tinsley. Dorinda is a room short but it’s okay as Sonja and Ramona always share a room. The ladies are in shock and awe at how insane her decor is but they are going back and forth about who will take the dreaded fish room. No one wants it and it was supposed to be Tinsley’s. The ladies want Hannah’s room (Dorinda’s daughter) but this room was promised to Bethenny when the trip was initially planned. In the end, they decide they will put Lu in the fish room.

That night, they meet Lu for dinner and Dorinda shares the events for the next day, which includes a visit to the Morgan home (shout out to Sonja) and other fun times. Lu asks if they can get a massage and because Dorinda is walking such a fine line with Ms. Cabaret, she is willing to take the extra steps to make her happy. She leaves to go to the bathroom and Lu asks the ladies which room she will be in and says she hopes it is not the fish one. She flashes back to last season when she, Sonja, and Bethenny woke up after a long night of partying, hung over in the room and she just cannot stay there again. I do not even think Dorinda was thinking about this when she gave her the room just about having a great time. As usual, Lu took this as a personal jab and got really mad; Dorinda returned from the restroom to the wrath of Lu and explained all of the rooms are half of a million dollar rooms. Tins jumps in and says she will take the fish room since this was where she was supposed to be anyway. Lu catches wind Bethenny, who is not even there yet, has claimed Hannah’s room and is even more livid at the situation. Next week, Bethenny learns Lu is mad at her, Sonja erupts over an incident at the Morgan home, and it’s just another weekend in the Berkshires. You can watch it Wednesday night at 9pm on Bravo.

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