Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 8 Recap!

Previously On RHOBH, Denise and Aaron tied the knot while Dorit questioned her friendship with LVP after a Radar article. You can catch up with it right here.v

Denise and Aaron are going through their wedding gifts, something she barely had a chance to do when she was married to Charlie. It does not hurt her three children love him, as well. Unfortunately, they are both so busy, they do not have time for a honeymoon just yet so they will have to wait. One of the pups from Vanderpump Dogs will be in the Puppy Bowl and they are over the moon about it. It also gives LVP a chance to raise awareness about helping animals, featuring their pup, Violet. They also discuss a law they are trying to get passed involving illegal trading of dog meat. This proposition could be huge if it passes. At the same time, Teddi is hosting a cycling event for all of the proceeds to go to Vanderpump Dogs and she does not care if her and LVP are not getting along; she will do what she has to for the animals. Dorit phones Teddi about the Radar Online article and of course, Teddi has read it. All signs lead to LVP leaking this story, something she is known to have done before, which is sad.

The ladies gather for the spin event and Rinna goes to chat with Dorit and Erika and immediately mentions how she saw the article and it made her sick. They all agree it was LVP who put it out and are shocked she is not even at the event benefiting her company and charity. She is at Vanderpump Dogs with John Sessa and they are FaceTiming with the Congressman from Florida who will be representing the animals on the floor. He is a huge animal advocate and they are nervously excited. The spin event goes off without a hitch and Teddi says she will always show up regardless. With a quick change, the ladies exit and go for lunch at Fig and Olive to gossip and probably talk about that darn dog. Turns out, the people who were supposed to show up to set up for the cycle event from VD did not; different employees did and they came late. On top of that, LVP called Kyle the night before to invite her to an event at VD during the sane time the cycling was going on so it makes no sense why she could not stop by and say hi.

LVP and her employees are watching the ruling on television and the proposition passed to ban the dog and cat meat trade in Vietnam, China, and a few other countries, which is huge. LVP even got a shout out but the ladies are too busy lunching and chatting about the Radar article they are convinced LVP shared. Kyle is trying to defend her friend and Rinna can see the inner battle within her as she is best friends with LVP but wants to be honest, as well. Rinna says LVP actually told her how to leak something to the press and that is when they ask Kyle if she knows of LVP doing this in the past, something she does not want to fess up to. Kyle wants to say she knows her friend is not capable of doing such a thing but she also knows she has a past of being accused of this exact same thing in the past on several occasions. Kyle keeps making excuse upon excuse but there is no excuse for LVP’s behavior.

Denise tries to tell Dorit to ignore all of this gossip and focus on her family and good life but she also understands the need to defend yourself. When you look like you hurt an animal, you look like an awful person and now, she is getting horrible remarks about her kids, how they deserved to be bitten, etc. She says she is scared for their safety but it almost seems a little too dramatic at this point. The fact that we are still on this dog is enough. The next day, Kyle is getting her stolen jewelry recreated and Teddi comes by. They start talking about how, after the lunch, LVP was on TMZ defending Dorit so now everyone is super confused. She went from crap talking her friend to loving her so Kyle feels she should go talk to her friend. Rinna is sharing all of this with hubby, Harry Hamlin and dubs LVP “Lisa VanderTrump.” And I am done.

Kyle comes by to see LVP and shares they went to lunch and the Radar article came up. Kyle admits she believes her friend would put out this article and Ken jumps in, saying Kyle is not a friend. She really has been a friend all along and has been a puppet for LVP for years. Finally, Kyle is being honest and LVP cannot handle it; Kyle believes LVP cares more about her image than her friendships. LVP swears on her kids and dogs lives that she did not sell any stories to Radar and with that, she is shown the door. They tell her 12 years of friendship is now done but Kyle says she did not come to the house to fight, she just wants answers. Next time, Kyle shares what happened at LVP’s with the ladies and LVP won’t forgive Kyle. You can watch it all next Tuesday at 9pm on Bravo.

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