Previously On…Married At First Sight Season 8 Live Finale- What Did the Couples Decide?

It is the season eight finale of Married At First Sight and this can only mean one thing- it is time for the couples to decide if they will stay married or get a divorce. Statistically, this series has about as high of a success rate as The Bachelor and that is pretty bad considering each couple is matched up by a team of experts who thoroughly exam the bride and the groom for the highest success rate. From what we have seen this season, taking place in Philly, the experts should be fired. Let’s review each couple before the big finale, shall we?

  • Kristine, 28 and Keith, 29: Kristine, dubbed “Queen Kristine” by her family, is successful in her own right as a real estate agent, with dreams of becoming a broker while Keith still lived with his grandma when he got married. He was not into fitness and did not know how to cook but through the marriage and their mutual passion, he took cooking classes and started to work out, knowing it meant a lot to his wife. He works nights at a dialysis center, hoping to become a doctor but he really wants to be a dad sooner rather than later, something the Queen is not ready for. They are both ambitious and she hates when he has to leave for the night but she is worried he may not be the man she wants to spend her life with. If she gives him up, I fear she is making a huge mistake as Keith truly adores his Kristine and that is truly what she has waited for.
  • Will, 37 and Jasmine, 30: these two seemed happy at their wedding but encountered problems on their honeymoon when he did not rescue her when she was having trouble on one of their activities. She also threw a curve ball by saying she felt the man should pay for everything in the household (despite them being married for three days) and this was just how she was raised. It definitely made Will question who he had married. They have not been intimate in their whole marriage; he is turned on by talking and intellect but appears to be sleeping more often than he is awake and Jasmine is just a nag. Can this work in the long run? Doubtful.
  • Luke, 30 and Kate, 27: Luke could be the most hated cast member in the history of the show, refusing to even kiss his bride at the reception. He told her after they did finally kiss that he felt repulsed and dead inside, told one of the experts he felt Kate was an alcoholic, all for us to learn he had been having sex with Kate since the wedding night but had been having shame moments every time after. He had told her not to tell anyone and finally, she told Jasmine and Dr. Pepper and when he found out she told Dr. P, he lost it. But, he has lured her back into his clutches, I believe, just so he can get her to say she will stay with him so he does not have to admit defeat because Kate was contemplating divorce. They are the biggest wild card.
  • Stephanie, 35 and AJ, 37: Love at first sight was this couple and they were intimate from the jump. But, AJ showed his eruptive personality on the honeymoon and almost every week after. We learned he had a horrific motorbike accident and this could be the cause of his outbursts but it is seemingly too much for Stephanie to take. She just wanted her happy ending at 35 (relatable) while he was tired of eating alone after five years. When it is good, it is great but when it is bad, run for cover.

It will all come together at 9pm on Lifetime and we will be there to reveal what each couple decides to do! What are your thoughts? Let us know!

Stephanie and AJ are up first and he says he wants to stay married. As for Stephanie, she still has some trepidation as far as his anger but she does want to stay married to him. He seemed nervous when she was answering because she says they have a lot of work to do behind closed doors. She says she loves her husband, something he says is more private to him. The champagne is popped and they are staying together. I don’t know about this…

Will and Jasmine are now up and Jasmine says though they have challenges, she wants to stay married. But, what about Will? Will agrees they need more time to grow together but he is concerned about their communication so he wants a divorce. This leads Jasmine to tears but it was clear they were not meant to be. Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal think there’s potential and they are missing out but this is the way it is.

Now, it is time for Luke and Kate, a couple we are so unsure about. He has been so horrid to her and she has yet to run, even though we all want her to. Dr. Pepper asks if there was no attraction, how did they have sex. Luke won’t answer but Kate says she thinks he did it because he wanted to make her happy and the experts say the secrets were toxic, especially the one about sex. Kate is up first and she doesn’t feel it will get to the point where it will get to where they need it to be so she wants a divorce. As for Luke, he can change his mind based on what Kate has just said so whatever but he agrees on the divorce. Thank god. He says he is devastated and Pastor Cal says he usually fights for marriages but not this time.

Finally, we have Keith and Kristine and I’m hoping we saved the best for last! He is learning to love his new life but they admit they have not said “I love you” yet. He is at “LOV” which Cal says is the most ridiculous thing. Additionally, he is ready to have kids super soon and she is not with that. It has been a roller coaster so Kristine does not want to make a decision based off of this. Keith says he’s become a better person because of his wife and wants to stay married. As for Kristine, she would like to stay married, as well! Hallelujah! Keith finally tells her he loves you, leaving her speechless! Time to pop the bubbly! Next Tuesday at 9pm, don’t forget to tune in to the reunion to catch up with all of the couples, only on Lifetime!

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