Previously On…Sister Wives Season 13 Episode 10 Live Recap!

Previously On Sister Wives, Aspyn tried to figure out why her parents were so eager to leave Vegas for Arizona. At the same time, Ysabel’s curve in her back from scoliosis had gone from a 42 to a 44 so this made her feel even worse. Is surgery on the horizon?? You can read all about it right here!

Kody, his brother, Michael, and brother-in-law, Nathan are all going down to Coyote Pass to check it all out but they have to wait for him to finish his hair. Everyone is used to him being a chick when it comes to his hair regimen and they comment about shaving it but Christine says the guys are just jealous about how amazing his hair is. Nathan is in their culture but not polygamous; he’s married to Meri’s sister, Rebecca and Kody wants all of his boys to see Flagstaff so they can all migrate there to be with him. He desperately needs and wants bro time. Christine asks if Kody will tell his friends about his secret (how he is designing a home for one family), which the wives do not know about and he says he might. They all grill Michael about polygamy as he is 20 years younger than Kody and has yet to dive into multiple wives though he is open to it. Kody goes on to to talk about how he courted Christine and felt an immediate spark with her, even though she liked someone else, but when he wooed he wives, he always talked about the ones he was already married to. He tries to get out of the house so he can take the boys to see the designer about the single home, which will be a surprise to them but Christine won’t let them leave. Finally, they have departed and are on their way.

Kody arrives at the designer’s home and he finally gets to see what the home looks like for the first time and he is thrilled. Back home, the wives are beginning to put the pieces together about the one home but this is something Robyn has never done. Christine is down for a castle but it must be massive; no one wants to be on top of each other and autonomy is extremely important. Kody loves the way the home is designed and how everyone is far away from one another, she captured his vision of privacy. Michael notices there is only one set of stairs and in order to get to their cars, they have just one entrance. He thinks this could pose a problem and be very high traffic. Kody claims this won’t be an issue but it will. There is 19 bedrooms in this home so wow! Kody is in love so I think he will push this home pretty hard. He keeps talking about his children but how many are really still that young? The only problem is getting five adults on the title and telling the county they are all married. Kody is ready to fight for this if he wants to so he will do what he has to, as he always does.

Christine is stressing about packing because so much of the stuff she should pack, she needs to use daily. Robyn is packing every moment of the day while Meri is going to go away for a week then come back and back. Truely was two when they moved to there so this is all she knows but Christine is being gentle on her because when they moved from Utah, Paedon packed up all of his toys and they could not take them. This is super sad. To add to the sadness, Meri is told by Audrey and Mariah that Audrey’s mom will help them move to Chicago because Meri has so much to do in Vegas with the move. They think she is deflecting from what she has to do at home and Kody thinks the girls are in the middle of a war between he and Meri because he needs his wife to stay and help. The move is in two weeks and Janelle is really far behind but she is in denial about it all and she is thinking about just throwing away everything she has. Gabriel is constantly up and down about the move and he says he does not want to move but he has no choice so he has to just keep packing. Robyn is having a hard time thinking about someone else living in her Vegas home but is scared they will move from Flagstaff; that is her issue with Kody. He does not want to lie to her about moving again so he dodges it.

Kody and Christine call over “the triplets,” which includes Gabriel and he does not want to go at all. Christine is still worried because she has not closed on her home yet and she wants a furnished place to live in because she is not unloading boxes just to repack them. Gabe says he deserves a motorcycle and when one of his sisters gets praised for just swallowing the move, he storms out. Kody says this is all BS drama and wants an easy move. Why do they have to move at all? Why? Next week, they cannot find Gabe, everyone is melting down but it is time to move. You can watch it on Sunday night at 8pm on TLC.

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