Previously On…Seeking Sister Wife Season 2 Episode 10 Live Recap!

Previously On…Seeking Sister Wife, it was finally the night for Dimitri and Vanessa to sleep together while the Winders interviewed Jay via video chat. The Alldredges finally gave up hope on Jennifer and the McGees are split on their lifestyle, which you can read all about right here.

It is the morning after Dimitri and Vanessa have had sex and it was a release of sexual tension for the couple. It feels great for Vanessa to wake up next to her man but does not know how to proceed in terms of Ashley now that they have been intimate as she feels very awkward. She goes to grab the Snowden’s kids and gets the super cold shoulder from her future sister wife. Ultimately, Ashley says she could hear Vanessa and Dimitri the night prior but Vanessa says she has heard them all along so this was payback. They are trying to work out a schedule but Dimitri lets them know just because they are sleeping together does not mean he is a sex machine. Really?? Over with the Alldredge family, Jeff gets a text from Mary Lou, Jennifer’s alleged sister, who shares Jennifer died after her emergency appendectomy. But, on social media, she was posting pics of herself on vacation so as I predicted, she faked her own death! Ashley, Dimitri, and the kids are out together and he is asking his wife how she feels about Vanessa. They have been looking for a sister wife for nine years and he is ready to propose. Ashley agrees and they decide the next step is to talk to her mom in Seattle as Vanessa’s father passed away. They have talked to her mom but they do not know if she will be as cool with the seriousness of this relationship.

Time for the Winders so if you need to doze off, the time is now. They talk about how they have come out as a plural family and are actively looking for a third wife then go on to talk about Jay who is a potential but does not want to be on camera yet. She gives them hope but she is very new to the lifestyle and this is scary as is her religion since she is not from a Mormon background. Dimitri ends up in Seattle to go talk to Jojo, Vanessa’s mom. so he can ask for permission to marry her daughter. She is very welcoming to Dimitri and then she asks about last season when they were courting someone else and he was intimate right off the bat. He was thrown but he shared how it was a mistake and he has changed; this is not how they roll anymore and Jojo appreciates how candid he was with her. He then asks for Vanessa’s hand and this throws mama for a loop, asking “already?” It is all moving too fast for her and mainly because it is not the norm for her but she knows it matters to the people within the relationship. She is more concerned with how people will perceive the couple but Dimitri notes Jojo was married to an African-American in a time of adversity and she did not care. If Vanessa says yes, Jojo will agree so this is sweet but she still has her trepidations but knows her daughter.

Back to the Alldredges who are talking about Jennifer’s death. They are very sad, especially Vanessa, because they cannot seem to find a new wife. Keep in mind they have another wife who has chosen not to be on the show so this may be a factor. Sharis believes all of this drama may be the guidepost for an even better life and sister wife. This has not derailed them and they will just keep on trucking. Back in Cali, Ashley and Dimitri are planning the proposal for Vanessa and he has decided to write an original song but he cannot sing. So, he has enlisted his friend, C-Tru to help with the songwriting for proposal night so now he has to give some background information. It is the day of the proposal so Dimitri and Ashley have gotten a sitter for the two older kids and they are headed to the beach. They just have to wait for C-Tru to arrive to make it official so they are asking Vanessa how she is feeling after her time with them. He has to make it there before sunset and Dimitri starts to worry so he is babbling until he sees his boy and motions him over. He is scared Vanessa will say no to him but I think she will say yes.

C-Tru and his guitarist approach the family and Ashley believes Vanessa has no idea what is about to happen. Dimitri gets up as the serenading begins and reaches for Vanessa, who cannot stop giggling. Even Ashley seems happy, which is amazing. C-True brings out a box and hands it to Dimitri who gets down on his knees and pledges his love and asks her to marry him and she, of course, says yes. The women they propose to get an ankle bracelet on their right ankle that is moved to their left after the wedding. Ashley seals it by drawing a bindi on Vanessa’s head to mark this day but I would want a ring. Vanessa can’t wait to have kids with Dimitri and create her own family. Now, they have to plan the wedding, which we will see next Sunday at 9pm on TLC. Don’t forget to RSVP because there will be a lot of drama!

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The McGees:

  • Paige invited Brandy for the weekend so it’ll be just the ladies as Bre has school and Bernie will be working
  • Brandy arrives and Paige schools her on laundry and dishes. Run, Brandy, run. Paige is so mean to Brandy she ends up in tears and ready to leave.
  • Bernie got home from work, Brandy called Paige out on her crap, Page yelled at her, Brandy packed her stuff. They tried to talk again, Paige yelled again, Brandy left for good, Paige is delusional.
  • Their children were devastated to learn Brandy is never coming back but Paige will never accept responsibility. Shameful.

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