Whatever Happened to ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Family The Brineys?

Anyone who watched season one of Seeking Sister Wife was familiar with three core families: the Snowdens, the Alldredges, and the Brineys. But, when the show returned for season two, it seemed something was missing. In were the Winders and the McGees and gone were the Briney family, seemingly a staple. They were very close with the Alldredges; they introduced the Brineys to their future wife, Angela. So, where did they go? As it turns out, the family actually filmed all of season two for TLC but were told just roughly one month prior to the premiere they would not be used. The family took to their website on January 19th to explain the details of why Drew, his first and legal wife, April and his two spiritual wives, Auralee and Angela, as well as their 15 kids, would not be coming back. According to the Brineys, the network attributed the pulling of the family and their involvement, to HIPAA laws and a lot of controversy, which they understood. But it was the controversy and drama underneath that held the real juice. Here’s the real story, straight from the Brineys:

“April left our family and took Drew’s and her children out of state (back to Utah) under the pretext of taking them for a local hike not far from our Oregon home. She never came back. Nor would she accept any communication for the first month or so. This happened the first week of filming (on film, actually).”

Again, April was the first and legal wife, and they have been married for 22 years. Together, they have eight children so this is pretty intense for the whole family, to say the least. The blog continued with more details, including how long it took for the family to get back into contact with one another.

“It would be many months before we could even have open communication with any of the children and seven months before we would even get to see them. She left on May 26th, Lenny’s 1st and Laurelei’s 12th birthdays, right after their birthday party. We didn’t see the kids she took until December 21st.”

The family felt, despite all of the sadness, anger, and devastation they endured during filming, this was a chance for the world to see a different side of polygamy and to visit life outside of the box. They also understood it was not what the show was about but shared they kept to the title and did pursue a great woman despite all of the drama. They admit they have been scorned and bad-mouthed to friends by April but their children with her, now living in Utah, are doing amazing while they have moved to Southern Oregon and continue to live their lives and work as a family, even though a piece is missing. We wish them the best but cannot help but wonder: were there going to be five families on the show or were there going to be four and one was a rushed replacement and if so, who was the replacement? You can watch Seeking Sister Wife Sunday night at 9pm on TLC.

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