Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Episode 4- The Morning After!

Previously On RHONY, Ramona was the uninvited guest at Barbara’s clambake where we learned about Bethenny’s engagement to Dennis. At the same time, Ramona made sure she stole a whole bunch of lobsters and insulted Bethenny’s late fiance, typical Ramona, which you can read about right here.

We are still at Sonja’s Paper Magazine party and Sonja does what she does best: make out with some random chick. Well then…. Luann is doing her court mandated community service at a soup kitchen. She is explaining she did not realize she had to ask her parole officer for permission just to travel upstate; she is under lock and key. She says Dorinda is easy compared to her PO and complains how heavy the soup ladle is. She also feels the need the test the soup she is scooping into plastic cups, which does show a more normal side to her, I suppose. As for the lobster thief, Ramona-  she is still dating and looking for love but she has sought the assistance of professional matchmaker, Rori who we saw last season. She was the one who hosted the speed dating event with red scarf guy who was the all the rage between Bethenny, Carole, and Ramona. Three weeks prior, Ramona consulted with Rori who seemingly had found her a great match. When Ramona met up with this gent…ummmm, no. Ramona even said he was no red scarf guy but he was apparently smart so this was what sold her but he was extremely lame, had never been married, had almost been engaged eight times, fun red flags. He does not believe in monogamy or marriage, has all of these theories he wants to share with Ramona but she tells him flat out she is not interested. Bad job, Rori and I would request my money back.

Sonja is back at her townhouse as the renters have moved out so she has to get it back into shape to be shown again. One issue: there was a flood that destroyed the drapes downstairs and now she has to figure out what to do. Dorinda is with her, saying she seems to be back in the darkness whenever she is at the townhouse and much brighter at her new apartment. She tells her not to worry about the drapes as she will have John fix them, no problem. Dorinda has bigger fish to fry since Bethenny arranged a gangster lunch with Dorinda, Luann, and Barbara to see if Lu and Dorinda can sort out their issues. Dorinda comes with pink hair and a Adidas sweatshirt while Babs is pimped out. They are ready for this lunch but nothing is getting resolved. Bethenny needs to stick with her own problems and not worry about these ladies. Yes, Dorinda was upset about John not being invited to Lu’s cabaret show or not getting recognized for helping her get all of the amazing outfits she wears in her shows to this day so she did take the “Jovani” heckling a tad too far. Just hearing Lu say “I am sorry if I offended you and demeaned your relationship” would have been enough for Dorinda to say “And I am sorry if I took the Jovani situation too far.” But, this will never happen so move on.

Tinsley’s mom is in town and she insults her daughter by wearing her former son-in-laws new wife’s shoe line. Then, she says they have the cutest baby she has ever seen. She does not believe Tinsley and Scott have anything because they are just dating and not engaged or married. She needs to stop. At a lunch with Sonja, she brings it up again and Sonja says she has too many men and thinks Scott should be chasing Tins. Let’s just leave her alone for now. She’s’ a big girl. Barbara comes by to see Dorinda’s apartment as she is preparing to list it and wants some renovating advice. She also wants to break up the friendship pacts that are going on but Barbara is so Team Lu, Dorinda tells her she has drank the Kool-Aid and she kind of has. She cannot see outside of the Lu bubble and it is gross. Barbara storms out and this friendship is now on the rocks. Next week, it is Halloween in the Berkshires!! I am so ready! Don’t forget to catch it Wednesday night at 9pm on Bravo.

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