Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 7 Recap!

Previously On RHOBH, it was time to celebrate Camille’s 50th birthday but there was even more drama regarding the darn dog again. At the same time, Denise was busy planning her wedding, which had to be executed in 10 days. You can read all about it right here.

Erika is with her creative team discussing her upcoming tour, some cities which are already sold out and she is so excited at the scale of it. Elsewhere, Dorit and Kyle are shopping for a wedding gift for Denise when Teddi joins them. They have no idea her taste except she likes tequila and then Kyle regales the ladies about her dinner with Denise, Aaron, LVP, and Ken and how Denise could not stop talking about the size of Aaron’s penis. Dorit and Teddi are in shock but are cracking up all the same. Sadly, Kyle has a party for Mauricio’s real estate company, The Agency, on the same day as the wedding so she cannot attend. Denise and Aaron are meeting at the venue as they have so much that needs to be done and are so ill-prepared. She had her fantasy wedding with Charlie Sheen so this time, she has her fantasy man. Kyle, Dorit, and Teddi have no idea how Denise is going to do this wedding in such a short period of time and then Kyle mentions they will see LVP at the wedding. Kyle feels like she is stuck in the middle of her friendships; she actually tried to get LVP to meet with Teddi but failed.

Rinna is in Philly for QVC but she decides to FaceTime Denise to check in on her. After all, their husbands were both married to Nicollette Sheridan. Rinna assures her she will be back in town for the wedding and cannot wait to celebrate the nuptials. Over at LVP’s, she is ready to get a new kitchen, regardless of the budget. She feels it is too depressing so she wants it to be pink or white and once Ken says yes, LVP believes it will be good for the soul. As for Denise, literally the day before the wedding, she is getting the food ready, calling the DJ, doing a headcount, waiting on her dress, and she has even invited Charlie. She also says she wants to light a candle in memory of her mom who passed away 13 years ago. They wanted to do more that involved her daughters but there was no time so she told them two days prior. Aaron gifted all three daughters with necklaces, which was so sweet and Denise loves how accepting he has been.

It is the day of the wedding and they have not even done a rehearsal so Denise has no idea what the venue even looks like. She is actually just scared no one will even show up. Erika goes to meet up with Rinna and is seemingly wearing a jumpsuit from the Rinna collection. Following them are Teddi and Edwin, Camille with friends, and Dorit and PK. Camille is so excited to get married but she feels elated for Denise and feels she truly deserves happiness. Denise’s father shows up when she is getting married and she asks him to light a candle in honor of her mom; he obliges and she chats about how he lived with her for five years. It is great to see how close they are but he notes she is late for her wedding. On the way to it, Rinna and Erika are chatting about how Kyle won’t be there, Teddi has to leave early as does Erika. They just do not want to talk about the dog anymore and just celebrate Denise. LVP shows up and snubs Teddi but goes right to Dorit where they start joking about her boobs spilling out of her dress. Dorit knows not to expect an apology from LVP and just to move on.

Denise’s dress arrives and it comes with a sketch, which she cannot wait to show to Aaron. It’s like a shorts romper with a train and it is just super fun. Outside, Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn have arrived and he is a super fan, so excited to be there. LVP sees Rinna and Erika walk in and goes to pinch Rinna’s bum because they do not have any issues as of late. Dorit notes how late Denise is for her own wedding and feels Teddi may make an issue out of it as she got upset at her for being late last season. Denise’s daughter is having an issue with her daughters, who can not walk in heels so they ask if they can wear sneakers; she says  she does not care and finally, at 310pm, they head to their own wedding. The guests are complaining, sweating, getting angry. Denise comes down the aisle with Aaron and Eloise to heavy metal music. They seal the deal and now, they are husband and wife. Charlie was not in attendance but actor, Patrick Muldoon is there and Rinna invites him over and it turns out, he was sleeping with both Denise and Rinna at the same time. A few of the ladies have to leave early, which is sad but Denise understands it was last minute and the others had plans so she is happy they made an effort.

Dorit exits and says seeing LVP felt like old times and is optimistic they can have their friendship back once again. It must be noted, there was a paparazzi helicopter flying over the nuptials, just saying. Denise reveals she told Aaron it does not matter what they go through, they will never be getting divorced. Back at Dorit’s, she is trying to talk to PK when she gets a news alert regarding her and LVP. It is how LVP feels betrayed by Dorit, who has been a friend for a very long time and making Dorit seem like she treats animals poorly. PK is in shock by the details, things only LVP would know and apparently she has a relationship with Radar, which is the publication it is published in. PK says it is time the ladies have it out. Next time, the ladies ask Kyle if LVP leaks stuff to the press and this is where the crap hits the fan in Kyle and LVP’s relationship. You can catch it next Tuesday at 9pm on Bravo.

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