Is ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Star Vanessa Cobbs A Fraud?

Dimitri Snowden and his wife, Ashley, along with their three kids, have seemingly fallen in love with potential sister wife, Vanessa Cobbs on season two of TLC’s Seeking Sister Wife. We saw them court another lady during season one but after Dimitri was intimate with the potential mate, things went south and they were back to square one. That was when Vanessa arrived in their lives and appeared to be sent from the heavens, loving them as much as they loved her. She loved the Snowdens so much, she uprooted her life from Seattle and move to California with them (they were originally from Atlanta but got a vibe from Cali). Along with this, she became a vegan to meet their lifestyle and went on a 21-day alkaline diet to get her pH in line with Ashley and Dimitri’s so the ladies would not exchange yeast infections as they shared their man. Finally, on the most recent episode, Vanessa finally got to sleep with the man she jumped through hoops for. But, what about her past? How has she been able to keep up this act of perfect potential mate for the family for so long? She openly admitted prior to coming to Cali and choosing this lifestyle, she would sleep with whomever she wanted and do whatever she desired so is that all this is? Just an act? Okay, so John Yates, who seemingly knows a lot about these families, was able to locate an acting job Cobbs did and her bio notes she is a “Seattle based actress.” That is not the job she claims to have had so was this just a side gig? Something for a friend? This we are not too sure about but then one has to wonder about the way she chose to meet Dimitri. In an interview with E!, Vanessa noted she was watching the show and saw it trending on Twitter. From there, she found Ashley and Dimitri just to be great people so she got in contact with the latter via Instagram. He continued the conversation and now she is steaming her lady parts with his wife. It does not seem very organic or natural but more for show and for the show. If she really is an actress, it would completely explain her willingness to be put through hell and high water to be in this relationship. And so eager to move to Cali! We want answers and we want them now. Takes some of the attention away from the McGee’s but not for long! What do you think about Vanessa? Let us know! And do not miss the show Sunday night at 9pm on TLC.

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