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Previously On Sister Wives, Aspyn and Mitch got married while the rest of the family still had to plan their exodus to Flagstaff, which was just around the corner. You can catch up on all of it right here.

Six weeks until school is starting and the family is doing what they need to do to get to Arizona in time. One issue they have is Christine had to buy her home in order to keep the kids in the same school district but it won’t close until about a week prior to classes beginning. So, what will they all do? Will they all go when her home is ready or will they go earlier? All of the kids leave the meeting so the parents can chat and they discover the homes are so far apart; Janelle’s rental is about a half an hour away from Christine’s home and Kody is struggling with the kids being so far apart from each other and from him. He loves the cul-de-sac lifestyle so staying in the same school is so important but Savanah will be the outcast as she is in the eighth grade so she won’t be in the upper grades with the rest of the kids. Here is the Brown family tree in case you need a refresher. Christine suggests she can stay in a hotel if she needs to but Meri reminds everyone she will be helping Mariah and Audrey to Chicago so she does not want to have to move them to Flagstaff then onto Chicago.

Janelle and Robyn offer Christine space to stay until her home is ready and she thanks them but declines. They are so used to having their own space now, they do not want to go backwards. Meri chimes in that she can help with the move but won’t be ready to actually move herself in two weeks time. Plus, she does not have a home just yet. Then, she brings up renting a storing shed and getting an RV which is not a bad idea and Kody is all for it as is Janelle. She says she can move her house to every wives driveway and just be as mobile as she wants and it lightens everything up. Kody reminds the wives they need to sell their Vegas homes ASAP because all of the money went into the land in Arizona and in a few months, they need to pay bills. But, how was Christine able to buy a home if they have no money? Time for a family gathering where the kids are flossing, a dance move Kody is not too keen on, calling it a “stripper move.” Aspyn and Mitch join them, fresh from their honeymoon to Scotland and Ireland, and it is just an open party for anyone who wants to eat, drink, and be merry. Sadly, it is the last big event at the cul-de-sac and it makes Aspyn really sad about the move and it feels really surreal to her. Truely is taking this move extremely hard, as well and says it will take a few years for her to get over it.

Kody has a meeting with a contractor to attempt to build a home for the whole family but he has told her he has a secret. She is already in a bad mood because she had to sign paperwork for their land as a single woman. But, Meri says she would rather sign as a single woman than a divorced woman because it means she is a failure. They go back in to the reason why she divorced and it was all so Kody could marry Robyn and legally adopt her three kids from a previous marriage. To Robyn, this is a success but Christine, still with Kody, is trying so hard to get him to reveal his secret, which he won’t do. Kody goes to Arizona to meet with Dawn, the contractor, to see if she can draw up something for one family though he knows this could turn all of his wives against him in a heartbeat. He is playing with fire. Kody is extremely serious about this home and has the square footage down to the exact numbers. He says if he can get them all under one roof, he will give them whatever they want but the actual design will take a few weeks to complete. Dawn says it will be a tough challenge despite how enthusiastic Kody is and she knows he has a real struggle ahead of him yet he leaves hopeful. By the time this home is done, even more kids will be gone.

When the family moved to the homes in Vegas, they buried a time capsule and now is the day to remove it after almost six years. Sadly, no one can remember where it is and they are trying to retrace their steps from over five years ago with all of the guys saying different things and Christine holding an umbrella for shade. They finally find it and then Robyn’s comes out with photos of exactly where it is buried but just a little too late. Truely is the most excited for the capsule though they wonder if she was old enough to even remember burying it. Some of the kids remembered what they buried but others did not. Robyn and Kody buried a watch for Solomon who was a year or so when they did it and he was so excited to see this shiny watch for him. Everything is five-year goals so the adults start reading their hopes but they read them in the present tense. Robyn has a super hard time when it comes to reading about the polygamy laws being decriminalized so she hands the letter to Kody. Meri’s goal was to have a better relationship with Janelle and this has come true but her relationship with Kody is still a mess. She has buried her original claddagh ring from Kody and then discusses how the ring holds so much symbolism and tradition and unity.

After all of the happiness, Kody reveals they will be moving the week before school starts since Christine’s home will not be ready in time. It’s cutting it close but they all go together; they are family. Time for Ysabel to go to the doctor to check the curvature of her spine as it is currently at 42. If her scoliosis gets to 50, then it means surgery but it has maintained itself for a year now so this is pretty good. She has to do her exercises after school for an hour and half so it does impact her personal life. Though she does want the surgery, she has heard about negative experiences, one from her cousin, so this makes her question it just a bit. Time for X-rays to see if the curvature has changed and Ysabel feels she has worked so hard, she wants results. Sadly, her curvature is at a 44 and she blames herself, thinking she could have done better. The doctor believes if the curve is going to get worse, it will be extremely gradual and could go up and down in numbers. He also said he only wants to X-ray her every year at most but Ysabel still feels bad about herself, like she did not work hard enough but I am proud of her.

Aspyn is called over to Christine’s house because her mom knows she is unhappy about the move. To Aspyn, it just seems like a pointless move to a pointless place. Plus, from Vegas to Arizona, it is only a four hour drive but when Aspyn and Mitch move to Utah post-grad, it will be an eight hour drive so she wants to know if her family is even considering the distance between the older kids. Christine says she is done with Vegas though she loves the cul-de-sac and wishes she could uproot it and take it with them to Arizona. But, Christine also reminds Aspyn that the kids are all moving to different locations and then it comes up if Flagstaff will be a permanent location, something Janelle concurs with. The kids even say them seem very military with how often they relocate. To Robyn, this seems like a permanent move but everyone knows it is not. Christine is sad to be leaving Aspyn and all the magical memories they have made in Vegas; Aspyn says without family nearby, they won’t stay in Arizona. Janelle is optimistic they will stay there because it is an intentional move but no one can say anything to Robyn. Aspyn just thinks her family is dissatisfied but has no idea why.

Next week, the idea of the move hits all of the kids hard but Audrey and Mariah may have other plans about their own move to Chicago. You can watch it Sunday night at 8pm on TLC.

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