Previously On…Seeking Sister Wife Season 2 Episode 9 Live Recap!

Previously On Seeking Sister Wife, Vanessa’s sisters gave their approval on her lifestyle, the Alldredge family learned Jennifer was most likely lying to them, and the Winders may have found someone to court. You can read about it all right here.

*Bernie and Paige McGee were arrested on March 15th. We will be making bullets about their involvement in this episode but have chosen to not go in depth with this family any longer.

Ashley and Dimitri are working out in the park as she shared with him she wanted a firmer bum so he has held her to this. Two more days left on the alkaline diet for Vanessa and then she can have sex with Dimitri so it better be amazing. She says this is all new to her as she was a single woman before and could eat whatever, sleep with whomever and now, she has a family and a sister wife, so to speak. She tells Dimitri she will feel more connected once she can have sex and he says this makes it all the more powerful but she reminds him she is the one who is celibate. He still gets to sleep with Ashley on the regular so he can shut up. In South Dakota, Jeff wants to talk to his wives, Sharis and Vanessa about the illusive Jennifer. He had called the hospital she was supposedly staying in after her appendix burst and they have no record of her (duh) and the ICU was not on the floor she claimed it was (double duh). He asks the wives how they feel about this whole situation and they are feeling betrayed because they tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but now, they are done. They feel they will never get the answers they want but I believe they can get them if they are really determined.

So, to prepare Vanessa for sex with Dimitri, she and Ashley will do vagina steaming together. A specialist comes over to set it all up and they sit next to each other on these steam seats for a half hour. Occasionally, it will shoot super hot steam and that is jarring, even for a viewer. Now, the ladies, as they steam themselves, start talking about the intimacy moment because this could be the turning point for the relationship for all of them. The Winders have found someone online who is interested in being a third sister wife but she would not be comfortable being filmed for the television show as this lifestyle is very new to her and is not ready to apply this label to her. Though the family respects Jay’s wishes, they have to be true to the show so they spoke to the producers and the viable solution is to do a video chat, which will be filmed but they will blur her face out. She gets along with them but she is Catholic and the religion aspect is huge for them as they are Mormon so this may be a deal breaker.

Ashley is doing dishes when Vanessa starts putting the kids to bed and there’s an elephant in the room: it is THE NIGHT. Dimitri and Vanessa will finally be intimate and Ashley asks both of them how they are feeling about it. Vanessa is very excited but she hopes there is passion and magical; she has many ideas in her mind yet she reminds us her room is next to Ashley’s so this could be nerve-wrecking. Vanessa heads to bed so Dimitri can say good-night to his wife and chat about how she really feels about everything. She says she would still pick Vanessa and thinks she is a great sister. This is so awkward. Ashley does admit it will be odd not sleeping with her husband every night as she has for nearly a decade but she wants the evening to go great so this relationship can keep moving forward and they won’t have to start all over again. And for some reason, the show just ended but next week, Brandy returns and Dimitri wants to propose to Vanessa. You can catch it Sunday night on TLC at 9pm!

Bernie and Paige:

  • The kids were super sad to see Brandy leave
  • Bernie wants to continue courting her but this could be a long-term jealousy issue for Paige, who has been distant
  • Bernie cooks for his wife to show her he loves her though his feelings keep growing for Brandy and wants her to come back- he will keep going forward no matter what

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