Previously On…RHONY Season 11 Episode 3- The Morning After!

Previously On RHONY, there was much Hamptons drama over a clambake being held at Barbara’s home. Dorinda was initially invited but this did not sit will with newly sober Luann so she was uninvited and all hell broke loose, as you can see right here.

We are still in the Hamptons but, as with most great endings to every episode, we had to see the grand words “TO BE CONTINUED…” right as Ramona walked into Barbara’s clambake with Tinsley and Sonja. Now, Sonja was invited to this event and was told to bring Tinsley but Ramona invited herself, something Luann was widely known for doing back in the day. Dorinda stayed back at Ramona’s Hamptons home after sending a Tyler Perry quote to Lu as a peace offering which was received with a laugh from Bethenny and the recipient. Though Dorinda was initially on the guest list, having been a longtime friend of hers, Lu revealed she did not feel safe with her sobriety having Dorinda in attendance so this was when Sonja had to be the messenger and tell her she was no longer wanted. Dorinda just played it cool after she had it out with Barbara and said she was happy to get some peace and quiet at the house. The episode began with the shock from Barbara, Lu, and Bethenny when they saw Ramona and her crazy eyes walking into the party. Lu said Ramona was another trigger since she had been spreading lies about her, especially at the reunion, claiming Lu was being thrown out of events due to being drunk and unruly. This was apparently untrue but we will never know because it is a lot of she said/she said stuff going on. Prior to the ladies walking into the party, they had made a pact they would only stay a max of one hour and then leave and return to Dorinda.

Tinsley introduced herself to Barbara then immediately went to see Bethenny to offer her condolences over Dennis’ passing. The two had not seen each other since it happened but one of the first things Tinsley noticed was a huge rock on B’s finger. Turns out, it was the engagement ring Dennis had given her back in April so now we learn the details of this vague situation. He proposed to her at dinner at the end of April and she had not exactly said yes nor no either. There were several stipulations that went along with the engagement and he had actually bought her daughter, Bryn a ring, as well. Bethenny believed he would want her to wear this ginormous rock and have her life ho on so she shares she is trying to be open to dating again. At the same time, Ramona, Sonja, and Barbara are going over and over and over the whole Lu/Dorinda issue and Barbara says Lu is hurt because Ramona has lied. She has no idea what this lie is but then we flash to the reunion and Ramona’s claims about Lu being belligerent and getting thrown out of the Beacon. Tired of the crap Ramona keep spurting, Babs suggests the ladies bring back some clams for Dorinda, which is a super kind gesture since she did order a lot of food.

Soon, a timer goes off and their hour is officially up and now Tinsley, Ramona, and Sonja must make their exodus and return to Dorinda. Lu is shocked by this, how they have just come and now are leaving and, in fact, it has been less than an hour. Tinsley feels guilty about leaving so soon; she has far more class in her pinky than Ramona will have in a lifetime and Lu announces they have not even had their lobsters yet. Barbara ordered food based on them eating and now they are ditching the event and even though Ramona wants to bring food home for Dorinda, Lu declares they get no food. Give Tinsley something, she has been good this entire time. Sonja, in classic Sonja style, pretends to use her dress as a carrying case for the lobsters but Ramona has a huge bag which she promptly loads up with I do not know how many lobsters. She was leaving no man standing at this point. The three of them leave and the moment they get to the car, B does an imitation of the way Ramona slinked into the party followed by jumping into the pool and Lu hopping on a giant swan pool float.

Back at Ramona’s, Dorinda is shocked the ladies are back so soon because she was enjoying the silence and hoped to watch some television in peace, As the ladies are unpacking the food and getting some wine, Ramona makes a horrid comment about Dennis, asking how smart could he be, he was on drugs. This shocks her house guests and she even issued an apology but no one believes her because this was below the belt. Back in the city, it is time for Lu to find a full-time apartment because she had a six-month rental. But, now with all of her cabaret performing, she needed something more permanent and stable. She has also bought a home upstate so she has a lot going on. Bethenny is back to traveling for crisis relief and this time she is in the Carolinas. Barbara and Dorinda meet for lunch and it is very awkward because they are trying to keep their friendship separate from Lu but Babs has an allegiance to keep her sober. They will all be seeing each other at a Paper Magazine party for Sonja Morgan so hopefully, this will help clear the air somehow. At the party, Dorinda and Bethenny have their come to Jesus moment where they talk about death and the grieving process. Their relationship is back on track and it feels really good, especially on B’s part. Tinsley comes with her mama, Dale who is so excited when Sonja’s psychic shares Tins will have two kids and Luann finally arrives with her hostess self and now it is time for her to meet up with Dorinda. And to be continued…

Next week, the two finally have their first meeting. But, how will it go? Find out Wednesday nights at 9pm on Bravo.

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