UPDATE on Arrested Seeking Sister Wife Couple!

Last night, we shared Seeking Sister Wife couple Bernie and Paige McGee had been arrested on March 15th for felony stalking. The victims were Paige’s brother, Patrick Marble and his girlfriend, Nicki as well as their mother and had a troubled past with members of their family. Now, we are learning Paige has even more of a backstory when it comes to her relationship with Marble, who, along with his girlfriend claimed they “fear for their life” after multiple calls to both their home and work from the McGees. On February 16th, TLC posted a preview on Twitter for an upcoming episode of SSW, which included a question about Bernie to entice viewers. Marble chose to respond to the teaser with his own tweet, saying this: “Here’s Paige McGee attacking a fan who has a child with Down-syndrome.” He followed it up with a screenshot of a Facebook Messenger exchange where Paige said this:

“You are such trash! How dare you post pictures of my grandkids. And yes I do feel sorry for child is a retard with mental issues. Does it mean he’s not lovable NO it doesn’t and I never said that. I said at least my children have intelligence!! You should know it’s genetic so he got that disability from you. God never planned for children to exist who struggle with life and basic needs. So yes I believe your child has Down syndrome because of what a horrible person you are and god is punishing you! Go to hell and leave my family alone. We will be get Diplomas while your child still will be learning to use the bath room with out help so F*** off!”

Okay, so there is so much wrong with what Paige said, starting off with the r-word, which we here at Previously On cannot stand by whatsoever. Though we have no idea the other parties side, we did get some sense of Paige’s persona when she turned against Brandy for going on a date with Bernie after it was Paige who wanted to lead a polygamist lifestyle. This is after we learned they tried to live this lifestyle in the past but it did not work because of her jealousy issues so they have since tried again. Trying to stay neutral and just report this story is extremely hard because what was said is disgusting, deplorable, and shows an extremely uneducated and sad human being. Because of this, we cannot stand by the McGee family during the rest of season two so we won’t focus on their story line at all. We will deliver pertinent highlights and that is it. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes but we stand by our morals.

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