Previously On…RHOBH Season 9 Episode 6 Live Recap!

Previously On RHOBH, more doggie drama came out as Denise and Aaron set a wedding date, all which you can catch up with right here!

Kyle and Mauricio are finally adjusting to daughter, Sophia being away in D.C. at college but Kyle is on edge over her television show, “American Woman.” She would like another season, which we ultimately know she did not get, if only to keep her mother’s memory alive. Dorit’s swimsuit line will be featured in a magazine so she has invited Erika over to help inspire her inner sexy. Denise has decided she will make her own decisions about LVP so she has brought two of her daughters over to play with LVP’s animals. It is hard because Eloise has a chromosome disorder so she is pretty non-verbal but LVP does try to get her to speak. One thing the two ladies bond over is they have adopted children and they seem to get on really well. I just hope LVP is not trying to use the new girl as a pawn. Back at Dorit’s, she shares with Erika what happened at LVP’s in regards to the texts she saw between Teddi and John Blizzard. Erika is shocked by all of this because she was just in her home confessional with Teddi who said something different so she is definitely torn as is Dorit and for good reason!

Rinna meets up with Camille as it is time to plan her 50th and Camille is shocked she made it this far after her horrid divorce from Kelsey, surviving cancer but in the end, it has really made her a stronger and more down-to-Earth person. They are rehashing all that LVP made the ladies do in manipulation back to the Taylor Armstrong days. Camille mentions Dorit and how she wonders if she really wanted a dog or just wanted to be closer to LVP. Good point! Over at Denise’s, she and Eloise are playing with their pups outside when Aaron joins Denise to talk about how they have attempted to put this wedding together in 10 days. She knows people may think she is nuts but she was called crazy when she married Charlie Sheen. Aaron says things do not have to be fancy and they can do anything by going on Amazon but Denise is adamant she will not get a wedding gown on Amazon.

Teddi has therapy with Val and they are going on a walk which is perfect for her because she has super high anxiety after the whole dog situation. Yes, we are still on this. Teddi claims she was told Dorit locked the dog in her basement and hadn’t seen the light of day in months and was in a kill shelter. There are more texts coming out but who knows what the truth will be and if it will ever come out. LVP and Kyle have met up to eat and Kyle reveals her show was not picked up for a second season. They then start talking about Denise’s wedding and why she is rushing it; LVP wonders if she is pregnant but since he just got divorced, it all makes sense. It turns out the couple is joining them for dinner. When they arrive, Denise reveals she wanted to sleep him from the jump and that he is very well endowed. She is extremely loopy, giddy, and hilarious and LVP and Kyle cannot get over how off the rails she is.

It is time for Camille’s big birthday party and everyone is showing up. It’s amazing seeing PK and Dorit there after the drama that ensued last season between them and everyone seems genuinely happy but it won’t be too long before that darn dog is brought up. And here we are with Dorit bringing up the texts to Teddi. Erika comes outside with the two ladies as they try to hash it out and Teddi still maintains she is innocent and it was all orchestrated by LVP. At this moment, LVP arrives with Kyle; of course what perfect timing. Kyle can tell something is going on so she just walks past the drama and into the party which she mentions to Camille. Dorit is happy Teddi admitted what she did wrong and now she wants the same from LVP. Rinna and Kyle come outside to greet Teddi, Erika, and Dorit while Denise and Aaron watch from inside. Denise goes out and tells them to come inside because it is a birthday party.

Teddi reveals in her confessional she has texts from Ken and Lisa; it also reveals LVP has a relationship with John Blizzard, one she denied she ever had. Dorit is now seeing the truth behind LVP and feels truly betrayed. It is time for birthday cake and Camille tries to lighten the mood but it may be too late for some of the ladies like LVP and Teddi who are done with one another. So, let’s ease the pain with margaritas. Kyle admits she is bombed so she decides to do some good old fashioned splits because this is who she is and what a great birthday gift. Teddi and Dorit leave on a great note with Kyle leaving still doing splits. Everyone leaves and Dorit shares with PK how she and Teddi are on a much better page; he says he feels LVP is not herself right how so she should be a little gentle with her. This is hard for her because she feels so betrayed. I hope this dog stuff is over!

Next week, it is time for Denise to get married but what drama will ensue? Find out Tuesday nights at 9pm on Bravo!

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