Seeking Sister Wife Family Arrested!

Last night, we watched the four families of season two of Seeking Sister Wife deal with all different aspects of the polygamist lifestyle. The Winders thought they found a potential third wife to court; Vanessa found out how her sisters truly felt about her living with the Snowdens; the Alldredges sought the truth about the ever illusive Jennifer; and Paige wrestled with her feelings over husband, Bernie dating Brandy. But, during the episode and live tweeting, something came to light about Paige and Bernie McGee that no one watching the series ever expected. The couple were arrested Friday, March 15th in Mississippi and charged with felony stalking, according to the affidavit obtained by The affidavit was signed by Patrick Marble and Nicki Smith which claims the couple consistently called them at both their home and work. It also states “both Patrick and Nicki fear for their life.” So, who is Patrick Marble? He is Paige’s brother, to be exact. John Yates, who has a private Instagram account, shared this message, which documents a long history of issues between Paige, Patrick, and many members of their family:

“We learned about the show in late December, 2018. In January, 2019, I began receiving a large number of messages from strangers informing me of Paige’s group and her posts.

Paige has a very long history of making false accusations against numerous family members, friends, neighbors, employers, etc. I was horrified by some of her accusations against me. Since she was a teen, Paige has had an insatiable desire to be seen as the victim. She has a violent temper and she’s repeatedly physically attacked my mother. Paige has even threatened to kill Mom when Mom refused to decide between me and Paige. She needs help. Paige has always been jealous and insecure. It’s been a lifelong nightmare.”

We saw Paige’s jealousy in full force in the past two episodes when she broke down over Bernie going on a date with Brandy and, in next week’s clip, we see her say she does not want to continue with this lifestyle after her husband shares he wants to have Brandy come back for the weekend. The couple has since been released but we will have more details as they come. No word as to how this will affect their future on the show, which you can watch Sunday nights at 10pm on TLC.

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