Previously On…Sister Wives Season 13 Episode 8 Live Recap!

Previously On Sister Wives, the family all went to Flagstaff to look at two properties, made an offer but Kody suffered buyer’s remorse. At the same time, Aspyn and Mitch’s wedding day got even closer which you can catch up with right here!

It was between Coyote Pass and Cottonwood but in the end, CP won so they made an offer and it was accepted. The moment the owner said yes to all of the stipulations, it became real to Kody and he freaked out knowing they would have to be back in rentals and put their four homes on the market. Christine and Kody’s daughter, Aspyn is getting ready to get married in three days and her one request in that no one talks about the move during her special time. All the moms and Kody agreed to this but I don’t think Kody will be able to handle this feat. Kody calls all of the wives, Mitch, and Aspyn over so they can discuss it prior to the wedding. She really just does not want to be reminded her family is leaving yet the soon-to-be-newlyweds have already let her family know they will be moving back to Utah when she is done with school. She just lets her dad know it is her day and she wants it to be all about her, something unlike who she is always been. Kody randomly asks if he is walking her down the aisle and stunned, she goes “yeah.” They leave and now it is time to have the rental home conversation as none of the wives can find homes and feel hopeless. By the time of the meeting, Janelle has found a furnished rental so she can move in whenever she wants to; Robyn has found a seven-bedroom rental since all five of her kids will be coming with her; and Christine found a three-bedroom that she is turning into a four-bedroom since she is now downsizing. As for Meri, she wants a place downtown but being close in proximity is still important. Everyone wants to know when she will be coming to Arizona and she lets them know it would be weird to stay behind while strangers live in the cul-de-sac with her. She agrees but reminds the wives she does not have urgency with kids in school and they think having her in Vegas is beneficial while the houses are on the market. But, the wives and Kody are still scared Meri is not completely in it with the move.

So, getting to the wedding may be cramped but getting back might be a different story since everyone has a different destination post-wedding. Yet, Hunter delivered news that Garrison may be able to come home from the military academy for the wedding which would be a huge deal…and would allow for more room to get to the festivities. Kody starts talking about how hard it is for Gabriel with the move and flashes back to his other sons and how reluctant they were when they moved but how it ended up being for the best. Maybe for him. The Vegas moved proved to be amazing but this is where is should end, in my opinion. They are all packing up the cars and Kody admits he overpacks because he changed three times a day and though he wants to take less cars on these trips, he likes to go alone and Janelle likes her independence. They are a routine bunch.

It is the day before the wedding and Aspyn was so nervous up until then but now she has started to relax. The only thing left to do is write her vows but she jokes she is coming to the marriage with the crazy family, which she never imagined. Nathan, Meri’s brother-in-law and Kody’s best friend (no relation to Kody) will be officiating the wedding but he has lost his voice so they may have to learn to sign prior. Aspyn and Mitch show Christine their marriage license and she breaks down, knowing her marriage will never be recognized. Plural marriage is sadly, for them, not recognized and Meri says some people in plural marriages do not have anyone get legally married because the piece of paper can come with a power trip. She goes on to explain how she did legally marry Kody because it just seemed right being the only wife at the time. Then, they wanted to Kody to adopt Robyn’s kids and the only way to do this was for him to legally be married to Robyn.

It is now time for the rehearsal and there are a lot of kids to wrangle but Aspyn realizes they haven’t practiced their first kiss. The wives ask Aspyn how she feels about them wearing the hats Mitch’s mom is making for them and she says she does not care what they do; she only cares about her and Mitch. Hannah now reveals their hats and Meri says in her confessional if she hates it, she won’t wear it. Janelle is big and blue but she loves it, saying it is very English; Robyn’s is big and black and perfect; Meri’s is small, black with white roses but she thinks the flowers are just too much so she wants some alterations; and Christine’s in big and green, which she loves! We will see who wears what at the wedding. Time for the rehearsal dinner but it is intimate as the wedding was so expensive and keep an eye out for the Alldredges from Seeking Sister Wife as Vanessa is Mitch’s sister! They talk about being in a plural family and it does not seem like any of her siblings would live that life and she is not into either. Both she and Mitch do not want this lifestyle, or so he says, and if they do choose it, it would be Aspyn’s decision.

It is the wedding day and Nathan still has no voice, something that is shocking to Kody because he has never heard of. Is he new? Aspyn and Mitch won’t see each other until she walks down the aisle so everyone is getting ready; Aspyn and Mykelti go get coffee while Kody thinks it is a good idea to do Truely’s hair for the first time. Christine laughs because she feels like all of the girls wants to be spoiled and pampered during the day but this is what weddings are for. Kody goes with the guys to get ready for the wedding in a cottage, which also happens to be where Aspyn and Mitch will spend their wedding night. All the men have to wear their kilts so this is a bonding experience. All of the girls are getting ready for the wedding and it is time for Aspyn to start getting her dress on. She actually told her family she was walking down the aisle at 4pm so they would have extra time; she is actually walking down at 415pm. Aspyn then asked Robyn to get all of her moms so they could help her get her dress on, which was actually a very special moment.

Crisis averted: Meri’s hat has been fixed while Robyn’s hat keeps blowing off because it is a tad big. Everyone has gathered for the wedding and the wives are talking about Kody’s kilt; Janelle thought it was too short. Robyn has to keep Ariella controlled as the flower girl so she does not get all muddy before she does her job. Ariella walks with the other girls but throws her basket and goes. Then, Aspyn comes down the stairs and Kody cannot believe how beautiful she is and with Truely following, holding her train, Kody walks her down the aisle. Mitch is very happy to be marrying her and she thinks her future husband looks so handsome. Because Nathan still has no voice, it has become more of a private moment for the couple which was really what Aspyn had wanted all along so it is a mix of what they both wanted.

Ceremony over so now time for pictures which can be insane with the Brown family because there are 900 kids. And onto the dinner and since Kody has been nervous all day, he is ready to finally eat among the 150 guests. Time for Kody to give a speech, something about giving up a daughter for a son, which all of the wives loved. And the dance party will begin so Kody and Hannah are hitting the dance floor. But, it was Aspyn and Mitch who were excited to dance their first dance together after dance lessons. Kody and Aspyn had their father-daughter dance and, of course, he had to do his crazy freestyle dancing. Cake time and it was still up in the air if he would smash the cake in her face but he didn’t so she did. In the end, she wanted to elope but was super happy they chose not to.

Next week, Aspyn wants to know what the reason behind the move is and Kody is designing one home for everyone. You can catch it Sunday night at 8pm on TLC.

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